The Zembly Team- Introducing orkut Platform Support

We’re excited to announce a significant extension to our list of supported application platforms at zembly. In addition to Facebook, meebo, and iGoogle, orkut is now offered as an officially supported application platform!

In this issue, we’ve briefly highlighted a few new features that will help you quickly create and host orkut apps:

   1. IDE support for orkut APIs & OpenSocial tags
   2. FREE orkut application hosting
   3. orkut template applications
   4. Getting started tutorial: Creating your First orkut Application
   5. Get help on the forum

IDE support for orkut APIs & OpenSocial tags
Create powerful orkut applications using zembly. The advanced code editor automatically completes to popular orkut APIs and provides a convenient list of OpenSocial tags to choose from for integrating your app with the orkut user experience.

FREE orkut application hosting
Instantly deploy and host orkut applications on zembly’s multi-tenant cloud hosting environment. During the public beta, you can also host zembly-built orkut applications for free up to around 1 million monthly active users. Click here to learn more:

orkut template applications
Zembly comes with a complete list of orkut templates that can be cloned and customized with a single click. Create a quiz, tagging, or gift application, customize the app, and then publish it directly to orkut. Click “create” -> “orkut Application” to get started.

Getting started tutorial: Creating your First orkut Application
For step-by-step instructions on how to create your first orkut application using zembly, check out our orkut tutorial:

Get help on the forum
For answers to all your questions about building orkut applications, head on over to the forum:

We’ll be announcing additional orkut features soon, so keep an eye on for the latest updates!

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