Ubuntu 9.10 with ext4. How to dual boot with Windows 7

So I was perfectly able to dual boot either Intrepid or Jaunty with Windows (Vista or 7).

I am trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) in one of my partitions using ext4 file system and dual boot it with Windows. No luck so far!

The process, as I was used to,:

1. Install Windows
2. Install Ubuntu (install grub)
3. Boot up with Ubuntu
4. Edit menu.lst and add an entry for Windows
5. Enjoy it.

This time, with Karmic, it will not install GRUB. I don’t know what the problem is.

I understand that Karmic comes with GRUB 2.0. Is this the problem?

For your information, I am using the x64 alternate install disc since I am using a SATA RAID0 drive for my OS’s.

Any help will be appreciated.

try this

just use a dang rescuecd….or knoppix or whatever live cd and install grub nonbeta by doing this

once in the live cd open up a terminal then put:

#this will return where the grub beta is setup at...
find /boot/grub/stage1
root (hd0,X)
#then put in for X whatever the number it returns where grub is setup

setup (hd0)


then reboot and you should be good…

if you wana keep grub 2 beta then do this for windows

just use chainloader so…

title Windows whatever
chainloader +1

what the rootnoverify command does is because windows partitions (ntfs) cannot be seen/accessed by grub thus you use that command to leap of faith boot that partition without verifying that anything is there..this should work…

i would say don’t use beta grub2 until it is stable so do the first setup then edit menu.lst with the second part then you are good…

if there is anyother issues with setting up grub with windows partition just use man grub and it should give you some references to go off of….or look it up with grub commands and help with menu.lst but if you were using grub 1 you won’t need to do anything usually with grub in ubuntu it loads everything automagically r


x2 4600+ @2.6ghz

x2 6400+ @ 3.5ghz

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Be warned that typing \fBkillall \fIname\fP may not have the desired effect on non-Linux systems, especially when done by a privileged user.
-killall man page

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