Eeebuntu 4.0 to drop Ubuntu for Debian

Eeebuntu is a custom Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that’s designed specifically for netbooks. It supports a the hardware found on most Asus Eee PC netbooks and a number of similar models from other companies, and it’s optimized for the Intel Atom processor and low resolution displays.

A few days ago one of the members of the Eeebuntu Linux development team threw up his hands in exasperation complaining that every time a new version of Ubuntu Linux came out, it broke compatibility with Eeebuntu. Now another member of the dev team has posted on the Eebuntu forum that the team has decided to move away from Ubuntu in its next release. Instead, Eeebuntu 4.0 will be based on Debian Unstable.

This means four things:

  1. The developers will have more control over the project and more flexibility in the applications and updates added to the project
  2. Instead of expecting new releases every 6 months or so, you should see releases when they’re ready (which could be either faster or slower than the current release cycle)
  3. The team plans to add support for desktops, not just netbooks
  4. The name “Eeebuntu” is going to start sounding a bit silly

The next version is scheduled for release in late December, but a lot can change between now and then. There will be beta versions available before that time though.

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