XDebug option missing from Zend Studio 7


wanted to try out the Zend Studio 7 beta but AGAIN there was no option for XDebug showing up in the preferences despite the fact that XDebug works fine on my system.

I’m hoping it’s the same issue I had with Zend Studio 6. It seems Zend hates XDebug or something. People say PDT (upon which zend studio is based) works fine with XDebug but for some reason the Zend people chose to hard-code the XDebug option OUT of the Zend studio preferences.

After a lot of searching I finally tracked down remnants of the instructions that got XDebug to work in my old Zend Studio 6. I’ll repeat them here if they work for 7.

distreff – see dtaylor7’s post above yours for steps on how to get XDebug enabled again. Having a Mac, I started with the steps I’d worked out for PDT (http://www.makovec.net/software/39-software/55-eclipse-pdt-with-debug-on-leopard.html), then did the following from Terminal.app:

cd /Applications/Zend/Zend\ Studio\ for\ Eclipse\ -\ 6.0.1/plugins
mkdir disabled
mv com.zend.php.debug.* disabled
/Applications/Zend/Zend\ Studio\ for\ Eclipse\ -\ 6.0.1/ZendStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/ZendStudio -clean

After you’ve done all that from the command line, your XDebug options will be back. You can then quit out and go back to loading up ZSE from the desktop.

– http://devzone.zend.com/article/2930
– http://devzone.zend.com/member/5810-dmakovec

The specific commands that worked for me:

:: cd /Applications
:: cd Zend
:: cd Zend\ Studio\ -\ 7.0.0
:: cd plugins
:: mkdir disabled
:: mv com.zend.php.debug.* disabled
:: cd ..
:: cd ZendStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/
:: ./ZendStudio -clean