Zembly Goes Down after 30 Nov 2009

After November 30th, 2009 SUN will be suspending the zembly service. What should a developer do? After Continuous use of this service for 3 years.

And They says !!!!!

We regret to inform you that on November 30th, 2009 we will be suspending the zembly service.

More than three years ago, we started this project with the goal of making it easy to create next-generation Web apps. Our original tagline was “Build the web, using the web,” and the ideas we were incubating around platform-mediated Web applications, Web API mashups, and social programming were brand new.

We learned a lot along the way. Your confidence and enthusiasm helped us improve the project and do amazing things that we never imagined when we began this journey.

Thank you to everyone who’s been with us through the ups and downs. It’s heartening to see that many of the best ideas pioneered in zembly have started to appear elsewhere. With your support, we’re proud to have contributed to the DNA of the Web.

For more information about the zembly suspension, please refer to the FAQ section at http://zembly.com

Finally, if you have questions, please contact us at zembly-support@sun.com

1) When will zembly.com be suspended?

The site will be taken offline on November 30th, 2009.

2) Will my widgets, services, and applications continue to run after zembly is suspended?

Once the site is suspended, all your applications and services on zembly will be unavailable.

3) What will happen to my applications and code after zembly is suspended?

Until November 30th, 2009 you have the opportunity to take your widget, service, and application code down from zembly. See these steps for examples.

4) How can I save the projects I’ve created on zembly?

You can go to your individual item in zembly and copy the code from the editor. See these steps for examples.

5) What other tools can I use to build mashups, etc. in place of zembly?

At this time, Sun doesn’t have any equivalent service to zembly. You can use the NetBeans IDE to create web applications using bundled Web APIs, or expose your own Web APIs for other NetBeans developers.

6) Where do I go if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Please send your specific questions to zembly-support@sun.com. We will also continue updating this FAQ.

7) What if I’ve added APIs to zembly?

Access to all 3rd party APIs bundled in zembly will be removed on November 30th. If you’ve added any APIs to zembly, they will be unavailable once the site goes offline.

8) Is there any way to save my contact list information?

Unfortunately, we do not have a facility to save your contact information. Feel free to reach out to other zembly users to exchange any contact details you would like to share. However, once the site goes offline, access to all user data will be removed. You will not be able to Sign In or Sign Up after November 30th.

9) What happens to API keys that are stored in my zembly keychain?

Until November 30th, you have complete access to your API keys. Please visit the keychain page to copy your keys or you can visit the respective websites where you registered for the keys to obtain them as well.

10) What will happen to non-zembly applications that are using the Zembly Client Library (ZCL)?

The zembly Client Library will be taken down along with the site. Until November 30th, your applications will continue work as they do today. Please make sure you make the necessary code changes on your applications to remove the dependency on ZCL. You may want to look and see if the Web API you are calling using ZCL offers any suitable client library to use.

New! orkut Platform Support from zembly

Extend your Social Media Development into New Markets

Zembly.com just got even better, with new tools to help you create and host applications for popular social networks. In addition to Facebook, meebo, and iGoogle, orkut is now offered as an officially supported application platform on zembly!

Quickly create and host orkut apps with these new features:

  • IDE Support for orkut APIs & OpenSocial Tags
    The advanced code editor offers code completion for popular orkut APIs and provides a convenient list of OpenSocial tags to choose from for integrating your app with the orkut user experience.
  • Free orkut Application Hosting
    Instantly deploy and host orkut applications on zembly’s multi-tenant cloud hosting environment. During the public beta, you can also host zembly-built orkut applications for free up to around 1 million monthly active users.
  • orkut Template Applications
    orkut Template Applications can be cloned and customized with a single click.
  • orkut Getting Started Tutorial: Creating your First orkut Application
  • Need Help? Head on over to the zembly forum.

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