YouTube’s Playlist Bar Strikes Back

YouTube’s playlist bar that shows up at the bottom of the page when you open a playlist or you click on a video from your subscriptions has a new use: displaying the list of liked videos after clicking on the “like” button. It’s also used to display the videos from a playlist after adding a new video to the playlist. Unfortunately, this isn’t very useful, the bar is annoying and it can slow down your browser. If you have hundreds of liked videos, adding all of them to the bar takes a while and the browser is no longer responsive.

Many YouTube users complain about this new feature: “Starting today, whenever I like a video, a bar pops up at the bottom of the page to tell me it was added to liked videos (a reminder that I don’t need) – and then that bar freezes my browser and I can only close it with ctrl+alt+delete.”

YouTube should fix the bugs and add an option to disable the bar. You can report this problem by clicking on “report a bug” at the bottom of the page.

{ Thanks, Sterling. }

YouTube’s Playlist Bar

YouTube started to show a persistent bar at the bottom of the page that shows the videos from the active playlist. For example, if you click on a video from your subscriptions, the bar lists other recent videos uploaded by your favorite users. Click on one of your favorite videos and the bar is populated with the rest of the videos. The bar is also useful if you add videos to the queue, a temporary playlist built dynamically.

Sterling, a reader of this blog who noticed the new bar, found an annoyance: “Even if the cursor isn’t over the bar, it still pops up, so if you go rate a video, favorite or share it, as soon as you move near the bar, it pops up, blocking those settings, so you have to either scroll down or click on the bar to collapse it. It looks like the spot where the bar is triggered is just above where the video player ends when it’s in shrink mode.”

Once you collapse the bar, it no longer auto-expands, at least until you watch a new video. I couldn’t find a setting that disables the bar or moves it to its original position.

{ Thanks, Sterling. }