HTTPS Support for YouTube Embeds

the secure counterpart to HTTP, wraps a layer of encryption around the
information traveling between your computer and a web server. YouTube
already uses HTTPS to encrypt sensitive data during the account login
process. Now we’re planning a gradual expansion of HTTPS across other
aspects of the site. The first place you may see HTTPS YouTube URLs is
in our various embed codes, all of which currently support HTTPS in
addition to the standard HTTP. Anyone can try HTTPS with YouTube embeds
today—simply change the protocol portion of the URL from http to https. For example, becomes This applies to URLs found in our newer <iframe> embeds as well as our older-style <object> + <embed> codes.
any of your existing code attempts to parse YouTube embed URLs that are
entered by end-users, it’s important that you support both HTTP and
HTTPS as the URL’s protocol across all the varieties of YouTube embed

web browsers will warn users when they access web pages via HTTPS that
contain embedded content loaded via HTTP. If your main site is currently
accessed via HTTPS, using the new HTTPS URLs for your YouTube embeds
will prevent your users from running into that warning. If your site can
be accessed either via HTTP or HTTPS, you could employ
protocol-relative URLs instead of hardcoding a value; // will automatically resolve to HTTP or HTTPS depending on the protocol used by the host page.

very important to note that this is just a first step in enabling HTTPS
for the entire YouTube viewing experience. In particular, only the
YouTube player code is accessible via HTTPS at this time. The actual
video bitstream, and some additional content loaded by the YouTube
player may still be accessed via standard HTTP connections when you use
an HTTPS URL in your embed code. Also note that HTTPS remains optional
for YouTube embeds; we have no plans to turn off support for the HTTP

If you have any comments or questions about this change, please let us know in the YouTube API developer’s forum.

–Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team