YouTube EDU Now Includes content from 300 colleges and universities

YouTube EDU, the video portal’s collection of university and college content contributed by schools around the world, launched a year ago today. To commemorate the occasion, the YouTube team has shared some stats about the initiative.


YouTube EDU is now one of the largest online video repositories of higher education content in the world. We have tripled our partner base to over 300 universities and colleges, including University of Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, MIT, University of Chicago and The Indian Institutes of Technology. We have grown to include university courses in seven languages across 10 countries. We now have over 350 full courses, a 75% increase from a year ago and thousands of aspiring students have viewed EDU videos tens of millions of times. And today, the EDU video library stands at over 65,000 videos.

Since launching, YouTube has grown to include content from 300 colleges and universities, spanning 10 countries and seven languages. The collection has grown to 65,000 videos, including 350 full courses. And with the addition of auto-captioning, the site can automatically translate any lectures spoken in English to other languages.

Another major player in distributing educational content online is iTunes U, which boasts 600 university partners and “250,000 free lectures, videos, films, and other resources”. The programs do have some differences though — for one, schools on iTunes U can restrict the ability of their content to students (around half of them have share their content publicly), whereas YouTube videos are generally available to everyone.