You Tube: The ActionScript 2 Chromeless Player and Monetized Videos

The ActionScript 3 Player APIs, both in the chromeless and embedded variety, have been available for use since last October.
When we released the ActionScript 3 APIs, we announced the deprecation
of the ActionScript 2 equivalents. As per our deprecation policy, we
will keep the ActionScript 2 Player APIs running through October of
2012; however, we wanted to announce a change in the videos available
for playback that will affect those still using the ActionScript 2
chromeless player.

of early January, 2011, some videos that YouTube and our content
partners would like to monetize will not be playable using the
ActionScript 2 chromeless player because it does not have the ability to
show ads. If you attempt to play back such a video, an
onError event will be fired, as documented
in the ActionScript 2 Player APIs reference guide. As a developer, you
can handle this event and play an alternate video, or display an
explanatory message to your users.

note that this change only affects playback in the ActionScript 2
chromeless player. If you are using the ActionScript 2 embedded player
(i.e. the official YouTube player with built-in controls) or if you’ve
already upgraded to one of the ActionScript 3 players, you can continue
to play the same video content you can play today. Also note that you
might be using the the ActionScript 2 chromeless player indirectly if
you’re using a third-party custom video player to play back YouTube
content. Please reach out to the provider of your custom video player if
you’re not sure whether this change will affect you.

-Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team

Indian Premier League cricket season is bowled on You Tube

When the first ball of this year’s Indian Premier League cricket season is bowled, fans across the planet will have a front row seat in the world’s biggest online sports stadium. Tonight the Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders will face off in Mumbai at 8pm IST, and the YouTube global community will be able to tune in to the IPL’s YouTube Channel ( for streaming and on-demand access to witness the start of what promises to be one of the most widely-distributed sporting events in history. Fans can watch matches, highlight videos, player interviews and much more all on the IPL’s YouTube channel.

Named by Forbes as the “hottest sports league in the world” with revenues comparable to the world’s most popular leagues, the IPL season is a 60-match, 43-day tournament that features some of the best talent in cricket today. You can come to YouTube and keep up with the action any time, anywhere and connect with fans across the globe. Watch as the match happens, or if you missed a match, tune in later to see what happened. The entire season will be streamed around the world on YouTube, except in the US, where matches will be time-delayed and made available 15 minutes after the match ends.

On the IPL Channel, you’ll see three tabs:

  • Today’s Matches: This is where you can watch streamed matches as they happen. (Note that the stream will be delayed by a few minutes.) Click through at any time to see the match scorecard.
  • Recent Matches: Catch up any time on the full action of matches that have already happened. Watch Sachin cream the ball through the covers, Warney taking his latest wicket and more.
  • Highlights: If you’re short on time, check in here for short videos of player interviews, match highlights, greatest plays and more.

And for all of you who want to cheer or commiserate with others, check out our Twitter gadget on the channel page to be part of the conversation. You can keep up with the discussion on Twitter with the YouTube IPL hashtag (#youtube_ipl). Share, rate and comment on videos throughout the channel, or upload your own video responses to the action. There’s also a link so you can join the Official DLF IPL community on Orkut (

We’ll be watching the donkey drops, the five-fers, the flippers and floaters, the half-yorkers and slow sweeps — and cheering alongside you!

* A googly is a kind of pitch similar to a baseball pitch or a bowling throw in the game cricket; a wicked googly would be a really good pitch.

Posted by Amit Agarwal, Strategic Partner Development Manager, YouTube