WordPress New comment notifications, complete with comment moderation

WordPress had added comment notifications, complete with comment moderation and reply functionality.  When your post receives a comment, you’ll get a Notification that looks something like this:

If you’re using threaded comments, you’ll see if someone responded directly to you, right in the notification.

You will see Approve, Spam, and Trash links in your comment notification if you have permission to moderate comments, allowing you to moderate the comment from within the notification:

Clicking Reply automatically approves a comment and displays an area for you to type a reply in. When you’re done, just click Reply and you can get back to whatever you were working on, without having to navigate to the dashboard to manage your comments.

You can still manage comments in your dashboard, but we hope you’ll find the comment notification a convenient shortcut.

WordPress: Reblogging is Back!

reblog posts directly from your reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your WordPress.com account.

We’ve also brought the reblog button back to the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen when you’re logged into WordPress.com. Note that you’ll only see the like and reblog options while you’re looking at individual posts.

For example, you’ll see this on the left side of your toolbar while viewing http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/read-blogs:

And your toolbar will look like this while you’re browsing the home page of en.blog.wordpress.com:

How does reblogging work?

Reblogging is a quick way to share posts published by other WordPress.com users on your own blog. People have been reblogging others’ posts since blogging started, but our new reblogging system enables authors to retain greater control over their content.

When a post is reblogged, it shows up with a link back to the blog it came from, the first image in the post, an excerpt of the post’s introduction (if it contains text), and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains. It also shows any comments left by the person who reblogged the post:

Reblogs published on blogs you follow will also appear in your reader:

What happens when my posts get reblogged?

An excerpt of your post will be published on the reblogger’s site (with a link back to your original post), and you’ll receive a reblog notification in the post comments (you might need to approve it first):

You’ll also receive an email notification of the reblog.

Do I get credit when someone else reblogs one of my posts?

Absolutely! All reblogs contain a link back to your original post, so the more people reblog your posts, the more likely it is that you’ll attract new visitors (and perhaps new followers, too!).

What happens if I reblog a reblog?

If, for example, Stephane reblogs a WordPress.com announcement on his site and Lori reblogs Stephane’s reblog, Lori only re-publishes any comments Stephane made about the announcement. If Lori wants to share the original announcement, she should reblog the post from en.blog.wordpress.com, not from Stephane’s reblog. But if Stephane leaves a really clever comment, Lori might want to share it by reblogging his reblog on her site.

Can I edit a post I’ve reblogged?

You can go back and edit the comments you left when you reblogged a post, but you cannot edit any parts of the original post excerpt (including the post title). If you like, you can add categories or tags to the post. Reblogs show up under Posts → All Posts in your dashboard, and they can be edited the same way you edit your own posts.

WordPress: Drag & Drop Media Uploader & Flyout Dashboard Menus

Drag & Drop Uploads

The media uploader now supports drag and drop!

You’ll be able to use the new drag and drop media uploader wherever you need to upload your media files – while writing a Post or Page, or directly in the Media Library. In fact while you’re creating a post, you’ll notice now there’s just one icon to represent all of the different media files you’ll upload called “Add Media“:

After you’ve clicked that, find those image/music/video/other files you need on your computer, drag them over and drop them into the WordPress interface, and watch the magic happen! Learn more about adding images and video with step-by-step tips on Learn.WordPress.com.

Flyout Dashboard Menus

We want you to spend the most time creating content as possible, and that’s why new flyout menus have been introduced. They’ll save you time by allowing you to access any of the dashboard menu items from wherever you are, in just one click!

Simply hover over the menu item and the submenu will fly out, allowing you to navigate directly to Add a New Post right after you activated your new theme, or Invite Users right after you finished moderating comments.

More Room for Content Creation

There’s something else you might have noticed. Your blog title is no longer at the top of the dashboard.

Since clicking on your site’s name in the toolbar will take you to your site’s front page, we reclaimed that space back so you have even more room for editing your content.

So to get to your site’s front page, just click on your site title in the toolbar!

We’re looking forward to the extra content you’ll be able to create with the time you’re saving. Happy Blogging!

For WordPress.org users, these features will be coming to you soon in the upcoming version 3.3.

WordPress Publicize now makes it easy

Starting today, when you publish a post, you’ll see a mention of the Publicize feature.

If you click Turn on the publicize feature, it will take you to the Sharing Settings page in your Dashboard. Here you can configure any of the Publicize services you like.

Pick one or more of the services you want to turn on. It’s required that you already have an account with each service you want to use, as you’ll be sent to the service and asked to log in to connect your WordPress.com blog.

Then, as seen above on the Edit Post page, WordPress.com will let you choose which services you want to send your post to. You can also customize the message you send along with the URL.

It’s now easier than ever to grow traffic to your blog.  If you have more questions, you can read more about how Publicize works here. Happy publicizing!

WordPress Blog From Your Phone

Sure, the last thing you want to do is sit behind a computer as turkeys emerge from ovens, gifts are ripped open and grandma busts her moves on the kitchen table. But you don’t have to be tied to the computer to blog —  not only does WordPress.com have the option to phone in a blog post, or email pictures and posts from any device you have on hand, but we also offer easy-to-use apps for several smartphones.

Let’s take a look at each of these options, starting with our super-cool phone apps.

Smart phone collage

WordPress Mobile Apps

If you’re packing a Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android phone, you can download a free WordPress application to write and edit posts and pages, check stats and even moderate your comments. This gives you a comprehensive way of managing your blog on the move. You can find it on your phone’s app store/market, or find out more at these sites:

Post by Email

Love email and use it all the time — even on your phone? Then you’ll equally adore our Post-by-email feature. While it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as the WordPress mobile app, it’s a swift and handy way to update from anywhere. To enable Post-by-email, you first just need to do a little tweaking from your computer. Simply:

  1. Head to the Dashboard menu and hit the My Blogs option:
    Screenshot: dashboard, my blogs
  2. Enable your blog or blogs for Post-by-email:
    Screenshot: enable post-by-email
  3. Copy-paste (or download the vCard for) the secret email address and send it to your mobile email address for later use:
    Screenshot: Secret email address

Then, Post Via Mobile Email

  1. Now, from your tablet, phone, laptop or other email-enabled thingy, just bash out an email. The email subject line turns into the post’s title.
  2. If your device supports it, attach photo(s) to the email. Single photos appear in-line, more than one turns automagically into a gallery
  3. Address it to the secret email address you found in the My Blogs menu
  4. Hit send – and that’s it, your post is live!

Phone It In

But that’s not enough! What if you want to record audio of your carol singing antics, or the cat landing suddenly on your uncle’s sleeping face? You’ll need Post by Voice. Here’s how to dial in your call:

  1. Head back to the (you guessed it) Dashboard > My Blogs menu:
    Screenshot: dashboard, my blogs
  2. Activate the Post by voice Enable button next to one or more blogs:
    Screenshot: enabling post by voice
  3. Jot down the secret phone number and your own private code (they’ll appear in the same place you pressed Enable)
  4. You’re ready to start posting audio

Dialing in an Audio Call

  1. Call the number you jotted down (smallprint – doing this outside of the U.S. may prove costly, as calls are charged at standard U.S. rates)
  2. Enter your secret code (you wrote that down too, or committed it to memory, remember?)
  3. Record audio of your talking, singing, shrieks of merriment or incidental seasonal sound effects. You have up to an hour to do so.
  4. Hang up. Your audio post will hit your blog almost right away.

Bonus Round: Automatic Posting to Your Favorite Social Networks

Why go to the hassle of sending out multiple updates, when you can do it all at once? Before you take off for the holidays, be sure to set this up — and every time you publish a new blog post with your phone, it will automatically get sent to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Illustration: 5 status updates from 1 phone


  1. Head back to the Dashboard > My Blogs menu:
    Screenshot: dashboard, my blogs
  2. Next to the blog or blogs you want to activate, under the Publicize column, check the services you want to automatically send updates to:
    Screenshot: activate publicize
  3. You’ll need to authorize the accounts to sync with WordPress:
    Screenshot: Publicize Facebook authorization message
  4. Done! If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, check out our support docs all about Publicize.

WordPress: New stats plugin

You may have noticed a change to your stat charts a couple of weeks ago. We ditched Flash in place of a more robust charting library called Flot. If you didn’t notice, go check it out because you can view all of the new charts with modern browsers including mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Sooo sexy! Today we updated the charts to use bars instead of points and lines. We’ve also made the stats page super sexy.

Each module can be opened and closed, moved, or hidden completely. If you don’t want to see a module, minimize it with one click or use the Screen Options to keep it out of sight. Customize everything and view stats the way you want to.

As you hover over each bar in the chart it changes color and displays a tooltip, giving you more information about the data. If the chart is showing data by day, Saturdays and Sundays have a light gray background to make it easier to see weekly patterns. Under the chart you’ll notice a new area, called “fortune cookies,” where we’ll highlight key stats.

During the redesign we went with bar charts because the end of one day and the beginning of another shouldn’t be connected. Each day starts at zero and we think bar charts work much better for this type of data. We hope you’ll agree once you get used to the change.

In this first phase of the stats redesign we’ve focused on the main page. This will allow us to collect feedback from you so we can tweak everything as we go. We’ve only mentioned a few of the highlights here, so take your stats for a drive around town to get used to the feel. Let us know what you like and what you might change. As we gather feedback we’ll apply a bit of sexy to the other stat pages.

Sites using our Stats plugin on a self-hosted blog will see an update after we iterate on the new design.

Convert WordPress Blog Into An iPad Native With PadPressed

PadPressed is a WordPress plugin that makes any WordPress blog look like a native iPad app when accessed from iPad. PadPressed bestows upon your humble blog the iPad features we’ve come to know and love such as “swipe to advance” articles, touch navigation, accelerometer positioning and home screen icon support when you’re really jonseing for that authentic app feeling.

Best Ever Comparison of WordPress vs ExpressionEngine In 2010

Comparison of WordPress vs ExpressionEngine

WordPress is a simple and easy blog , where as ExpressionEngine is a professional CMS, where many features will come built in package. For WordPress we need can add all the features by different plug-ins.

This is just the initial version of comparation, I will update this with the plugin links and many features available in WordPress

Table of Comparision

Current Applications Features WordPress Expression Engine
Mobile Edition Available
Feed-Burner Feed-Smith Plug-ins
Easy Tube : Embedding You tube Videos Plug-ins
User Sign Up, Login & Forgot password with integrated used for 3 sites Available Available
Search Available Available
Category Feeds Customize Available
Printer Pages Plug-ins Available
Captcha ( Register, Comments) Plug-ins Available
Social Book Marks  ( ShareThis, Add it) Plug-ins Available
Ad-Sense Manager Plug-ins Available
User Roles Admin, Editors, Authors, Contributor (Executive Editors, Editor, Associate Editors, Contributors)
Related Articles Plug-ins Available
Tags Available Available
reTweet Plug-ins Available
Follow Facebook Customize Available
Gallery Plug-ins Available
Google sitemap generator Plug-ins
Entry Versioning Available
RSS Available Available
Multiple Weblogs Plug-ins Available
Custom Entry Fields: Each section can have its own unique set of entry fields. These can be input boxes, pull-down menus or textareas. Available
Search Engine Friendly URLs Available Available
Relationships between entries in different sections of your site, enabling information to be shared. Available
Custom Statuses: assign your entries to, like “first draft”, “revision”, “final edit”, etc Available Available
Multiple Categories Available Available
Ping servers Available Available
HTML Formatting Buttons Available Available
Future Entries Available Available
Expiring Entries Available
Pagination Available Available
Article Pagination: split your articles into multiple pages. Available
Image and File Uploading Available Available
Image Resizing and Thumbnailing Available Available
Image and File Browsing Available Available
Emoticons Available
Bookmarklet: Post entries using a convenient bookmarklet Available
User Commenting System Available Available
Comment Membership Available Available
Comment Moderation Available Available
Comment Expiration Available
Comment Pagination Available
Trackbacks Available Available
Auto Typographic Formatting Available Available
Auto Convert MS Word Characters Available Available
Auto Convert High ASCII to Entities Available Available
Automatic Linking Available Available
Email Anti-Spam Encoding Plug-ins (Email-Immunizer) Available
Referrer Tracking Plug-ins Available
Hit tracker Plug-ins Available
Statistical Tracking Plug-ins Available
Online User Tracking Plug-ins Available
Search Term Log Plug-ins Available
Full Page Modeling: Each template represents an entire web page Available
Conditional Operators: Use conditionals to show targeted content to users that meet any criteria you set. Available
Custom Global Variables :Create your own variables that you can use in any template. Available
Sub-Templates Available
Template Access Control Available
PHP in Templates Available
Custom SQL Queries Available
Template Exporting Available
Template Library Available
Template Versioning System Available
Customizable Workspace: Each user can customize the size of the template window. Available
Template Notes Available
Multi-Protocol Support (SendMail, and SMTP) Available Available
Flexible Email Options

HTML email, priorities, word wrapping, CC, BCC and any combination of recipients

Mailing List Manager Available
Mail Caching Available
Batch Processing Available
Search Engine Available Available
Search Term Log Available Available
IP data can be searched for in entries, comments, forum posts, etc. Plug-ins Available
Blacklist/ Whitelist Plug-ins Available
CAPTCHA Plug-ins Available
Comment Time Interval Available
Rank Denial Available
Secure Form Mode Plug-ins Available
Duplicate Data Denial Available
Trackback Pings Per Hour Available
Trackback URL Randomizer Available Available
Site Membership Available Available
SQL Manager Plug-ins Available
Extension Manager Available Available
Admin Logs Available
Search and Replace Available
Data Export Available Available
Member Manager Available Available
Forum Plug-ins (WP-Forum( Add-on Personal 49.95$
Multiple Site Manager Plug-ins (WordPress MU FREE) Add-on



E commerce Plug-ins (WP- ecommerce) Available
Pod casting Plug-ins (WP-Pod casting)
Moblog Plug-ins Add-on
WIKI Plug-ins Add-on
Mailing List Plug-ins Available
Photo Gallery Plug-ins Available
Blogger/MetaWeblog API Available Available
Commenting/Trackback Available Available
Recently Updated Sites Available Available
RSS Available Available
Search Available Available
Referrer Available Available
Statistics Plug-ins Available
Query Plug-ins Add-on
Multi-User System Available Available
Member Groups Available
Custom Member Fields Plug-ins Available
Member Activation Available Available
Profile Management Plug-ins Available
Subscription Management Plug-ins Available
Member Localization Available
Member Communication Available
Email Console Logs Available
Member Quick Links Available
Note Pad Available
Data Caching Plug-ins Available
Password Encryption MD5 SHA1
Duplicate Data Removal Plug-ins Available
Password Lockout Plug-ins Available
IP Banning Plug-ins Available
Email Banning Plug-ins Available
Username Restriction Plug-ins Available
Jabber instant messaging clients Service N/A
Language Translation Plug-ins/ Service
Premium Hosting Available Available
Price FREE For an Year


Commerical 249.95$

+Additional for addons


WordPress: Real-time delivery of posts and comments via standard Jabber instant messaging clients

Now WordPress.com delivers blog posts and comments in real-time. We started by providing a firehose for our partners but that was only the beginning. Anyone can subscribe to their favorite WordPress.com blogs and receive posts and comments the instant they are published. Soon the conversations on blogs will be as fast as chat rooms.


Get started

Our Jabber service is open to anyone with a WordPress.com account. Please see our Jabber support section or click your client icon below for help setting up your connection.