intel 82852 driver for vista/window 7

ok this is an onboard video card is intel 82852/82855 for my laptop and i was wondering if there is a driver for vista or windows 7. I am currently using an unsigned driver,…yes i know that i shouldn’t but that is all that i could find that worked… anyway… after waking up from sleep my DVD drive takes 5min to wake up and from hibernate my mouse takes a long time to wake up.

Is there any signed (and safe) for my video card (other than VGA) driver for windows 7 or vista?

According to the specs of this computer you will NOT be able to run Vista or Win7 on this laptop:

The issue of 1024 (1GB) Max Ram and the lack of even Intel drivers will not allow you to run these OS’s.

The best you can do is run XP, but with the MAX ram (1GB) installed.

Running Vista or win7 (if you could, but you can’t) on this at 1GB RAM will be like a SLOOOOOOOOOOW Death

NEC M400 XP drivers:…nload_568.html

i guess i’ve just keep using this unsigned driver that works with a few bugs

all the other drivers work great on window 7. and it runs a lot faster than xp for me.

when you said “but if you could get all the drivers installed you will see it will run a slow death with 512MB ram.” well i have them all installed with no lag or anything is slow. everything starts up any program very fast. (with no readyboast)

How i see it windows 7 min requirement with 1gb is a load of rubbish. it runs perfect on 512Mb and even better than xp. im duel booting them both and I always use windows 7 these days

more inf o: