Linux crazy: FPS game on Ubunto 9.10

System: Ubuntu 9.10

CPU: Xeon 2 cpus
RAM: 4 Gb.
Hdd: 40 Gb IDE
VGA: nVidia MX400

Game: Urban Terrer4.1 (Websit:
The games is FSP (First Person Shooting) playing with multiple online players.
I like to play FSP games on Windows I love Half-life Counter-Strike so much.
When I think to switch-off Windows the switch-on Linux for desktop environment.
I found Ubuntu is fit to me, Ok let go to have fun with games.

Download for free from

-Extract to any location you prefer recommend home directory.
-explore on UrbanTerrer direct you will see ioUrbanTerrer.i386 then set permission to executable.
-Now you should ready to the war.

OK, Sh0ot them up