Microsoft’s Windows operating systems control the vast majority of the worlds computers. Even Mac hasn’t made any serious inroads into Microsoft’s market share. But there is a better way… This isn’t another of my rants…..well ok it is.

In earlier posts I’ve detailed my experiences using Linux as my operating system going back many years. One of the great things about using Linux is that it doesn’t inherently promote hardware upgrades. Linux runs well on old computers with low speed processers and small hard drives and doesn’t demand massive amounts of RAM either. Consequently, as a user and a not a rich one either, I used my NEC Versa LX laptop running RedHat 9.0 for years longer than I could have if I was an XP user for example.
But there comes a time…. I’m writing this entry on my IBM X41 Thinkpad which is running SuSe 11.1 seamlessly!

So the first two things a computer user needs to have for a great computing experience are a great operating system, and high quality hardware. The third and not the least is a technician/programmer who is knowledgeable about Linux….hey every user needs help once in a while!
If you have these three things at hand, you will be able to enjoy years of trouble free, secure and very low cost computing while staying right up to date with all the latest technology.

So what is SuSe?
The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, openSUSE.org provides free, easy access to the world’s most usable Linux distribution, openSUSE. You’ll find more information available in many languages on the project wiki.

Open SuSe is a free and Linux based operating system for your PC Laptop or server. You can surf the web, manage your emails, music, videos and photos, do office work.

Linux is a widely used Open Source Unix-like operating system. Linux was first
released by its inventor Linus Torvalds in 1991. There are versions of
Linux for almost every available type of computer hardware from desktop
machines to IBM mainframes. …

My old computer runs RedHat 9.0

What is Redhat….Red Hat, Inc. is a company in the free and open source software sector, and a major Linux distribution vendor.

[Suse] Triple boot with WIndows 7, OpenSuse and Ubuntu 9.04

Was wondering if someone could help me with a right mess I have got myself in.

I have been keen to try out OpenSuse 11.1 for some time now, I have been a Ubuntu user for a year and wanted the best of both, so went on a journey to install all 3 on my laptop.

My laptop had Windows 7 on it and within the disk management I shrunk my 320gb drive to 250gb, so had 70gb to install my linux distros which I separated so both had 35gb each.

Once I had shrunk this, i then installed Suse 11.1. it installed fine, once I restarted I had a green bootloader, suse was the first option and it had windows in there. Both booted fine when there selection was chosen.

I then installed Ubuntu, and that identified I had 2 OS’s on there, I chose auto configure assuming it would use the unallocated 35gb remaining space to install itself on.

Once I booted up though it goes straight into windows, I have lost the boot loader that Suse installed.

Can anyone advise me on how I can get the two working? If I can manage to get one working, I would be grateful but would prefer to use open suse.

VMWare server is free, so are countless other virtualization tools. VMWorkstation is ideal if you want to pay for it.

You can then run all 3 OS at once as well!

You need to create a virtual machine on your computer using Microsoft Virtual PC / Vmware Server once you have install your linux Distro. Once you have a VHD with your Linux Distro Installed you then need to follow the intructions so you can boot from the VHD rather then the Physical Disk.

Basically your VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) acts just like a physical disk. You can download Operating Systems that have already been pre-installed on a VHD but most people like to install the Operating System them selves.

Once you have your VHD, just attach it using Disk managment