Oracle Changes Sun Subscription Preferences to Oracle in March

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Subscription(s) to Sun Newsletters have been mapped to Oracle equivalent publications which you will begin to receive in the coming weeks.

We hope that you will decide to continue receiving the Oracle newsletters, however if you wish to make changes to your Sun subscriptions, we encourage you to please login to your Sun account and modify your preferences on that system before March 31, 2010. You can opt-out of all Sun communications via the Sun Do Not Email form at any time if you wish to stop receiving Sun communications.

After March 31st we will begin the process of consolidating your subscription preferences under an Oracle Profile account and will notify you when this has been completed. Please note that if you create or have an existing Oracle Profile account, your Sun subscriptions will not be reflected on that account until our consolidation efforts have been completed.

In addition to managing your e-mail preferences, your Oracle Profile account provides you with access to Oracle events, downloads and product information – as well as access to Oracle’s various sites and services. Learn more about the Oracle newsletters and create an Oracle Profile account.