Breaking: Skype Is Down

Skype, the free web based software based telephone service, is currently down for many of its millions upon millions of users.

Early afternoon, mid-morning for those in the Pacific Time period, many Skype users started to complain via Twitter that their service wasn’t work. Shortly thereafter, the company, which has its network operated by a Luxembourg-based company called Skype Limited, addressed the concerns of its users in a tweet.

“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations,” the company tweeted, while adding later, “Our engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to normal – thanks for your continued patience.”

The last time Skype had an outage of this magnitude was back in 2007. The company was once a property of EBay, but the voice service company separated last year.

“When we had Skype, we knew we had a good product, but there were no synergies between us and them,” Ebay Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe said at a recent



Skype: Free Screen Sharing in MAC and Windows with Skype

Screen sharing

Enjoy Free Screen Sharing with Skype, You can even Share your screen in MAC and Windows machines too.

Share your desktop with friends – for free.

Sometimes trying to explain what you are seeing on your screen to someone on a call just doesn’t work. With screen sharing you can easily show exactly what you are looking at by simply calling your Skype contact and sharing all or part of your desktop.

Easy to share.

Show all or part of your screen.
And best of all, it’s totally free.

How screen sharing works

To share your screen simply call a contact and in the conversations window click Share > Share Your Screen in the IM toolbar (in Windows) or Share > Share Screen (on a Mac). You can even select if you want to share your full screen or just a part of it.

The person you are sharing your screen with can see your screen in full screen mode. And best of all, you can continue talking via Skype whilst you share your screen.

You’ll need our latest versions of Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac OS X to use screen sharing.

How much does screen sharing cost?

Absolutely nothing. It’s completely and utterly free.

Screen sharing works on Windows, Mac OS X.

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Mic not working with skype on Ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala

After installing skype 2.1 in your ubuntu 9.10 you might have seen that there is only one option in skype’s audio properties: “pulse audio server” and Nothing else. But most of you might had used “HDA Intel hd:0” option in their previous versions and it was working.To solve this problem you will just need to install “padevchooser” on your Ubuntu. ‘pavechooser’ will help you configure your Pu

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