Doubtful in Statefull Session Bean (SFSB) : java cms

I’m trying to learn SFSB..

I’m confused about state management SFSB..

I’ve created SFSB instance like this below :

then i tried to add new state to that SFSB, through AddSFSBServlet (which addressed at http://localhost/MyApp/AddSFSBServlet ), and the AddSFSBServlet’s content is like this below :

and then i wanna to display all states handled by SFSB, through ShowSFSBServlet (which addressed at http://localhost/MyApp/ShowSFSBServlet ), and the ShowSFSBServlet’s content is like this below :

but it displayed anything.. just [] (it’s mean that the states is empty.. ) :confused:

Please help me..