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How to Promote Website Online

If you have a website and you need to rank high, it`s a good idea to submit your web site manually to the search engines and directories from PR3 thru PR10. Below is a comprehensive list of the top search engines and directories that offer free site listings. The search engines and directories are all ranked according to the Google PageRank.

        Submit URL              Submit URL     
        Google          EntireWeb      
        Alexa           Arakne-Links   
        MSN             Burf   
        Exalead         Cipinet
        Gigablast               Mixcat 
        WhatuSeek               Sonicrun       
        ScrubTheWeb             Netsearch      
        Amfibi       &

nbsp;  Jayde  
        Infotiger               DinoSearch     
        Cuil            Intelseek      
        Searchme                Acoon  
        Anoox           Bigfinder      
        SearchSight             ExactSeek      
        FyberSearch             FWD    
        Aesop           AxxaSearch     

Listing Your Website

How does Google find your site and list it? Merely registering your domain on the Internet isn’t enough.

As soon as your site is available on the Internet, you can submit it to Google by completing the add URL form at

Another way to be listed — and to raise your PageRank too — is by getting other websites to link to yours. After that, when Google’s robots or spiders, known as Googlebot, crawl the web, they should run across your site within a month or so. As we mentioned in the page How Google Works, there are two types of crawls, fresh crawls and deep crawls. Your site most likely will first get a fresh crawl in which only pages Google deems most important are crawled. After Google runs a deep crawl of your site, most, if not all of the pages on your website that contain links from other pages will be crawled and subsequently listed on Google — except pages that are included in the file robots.txt, which lists pages that you don’t want Google to crawl and pages containing code that Google is unable to parse. (Other search engines — though not all of them — also obey your instructions in robots.txt.)

Recently Google developed Google Base, a service, like a bulletin board, for posting all types of content, e.g., coupons, reviews, jobs, housing, events, tickets, merchandise. Things for sale may get cross posted on Google’s Product Search and locations may get cross posted from Google Base to Google Maps.

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How to Post Your site to search engines

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Search Engine Statistics – What Market Share?

2008 April: According to 2008 March figures from Hitwise

  1. Google has the largest market share of U.S. based web searches at 67%
    • 2008 February 66.44%
    • 2008 January 65.98%
    • 2007 December 65.98%
    • 2007 November 65.10%
    • 2007 October 64.49%
    • 2007 September 63.55%
    • 2006 October 60.94%
  2. Yahoo is second with a market share of 20%
    • 2008 February 20.59%
    • 2008 January 20.94%
    • 2007 December 20.88%
    • 2007 November 21.21%
    • 2007 October 21.65%
    • 2007 September 22.55%
    • 2006 October 22.34%
  3. MSN is third with a market share of 7%
    • 2008 February 6.95%
    • 2008 January 6.90%
    • 2007 December 7.04%
    • 2007 November 7.09%
    • 2007 October 7.42%
    • 2007 September 7.83%
    • 2006 October 10.72%
  4. Ask is fourth with a market share of 4%
    • 2008 February 4.16%
    • 2008 January 4.21%
    • 2007 December 4.14%
    • 2007 November 4.63%
    • 2007 October 4.76%
    • 2007 September 4.32%
    • 2006 October 4.34%

Source: Hitwise Press Releases