Proxisoft preps Java code to support Web services

November 13, 2009 — Proxisoft, a startup, has unveiled a middleware solution called Netrifex, which automates the creation of Web services from Java applications.

Netrifex takes existing Java code and creates a mirror image of bytecode at runtime, then modifies it to support Web services, said company founder Mark Hansen. It uses special class libraries and does not require a special Java Virtual Machine, he said.

Supported Java EE containers include Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic Server. JBoss, WebSphere and others will be added soon, according to the company.

“This approach allows Web service development best practices to be bundled into product…It knows how to generate services that make sense and are robust as services created under the Spring [framework] or [Apache] Struts,” said Hansen.

The SOAP Web services that Netrifex generates use HTTP and SSL authentication, and they preserve the security that is wrapped into the original application, Hansen said. That is done without modifying the underlying application.

Transactions from the Web services are delegated down to the original Java application from the Netrifex middleware, which is invoked through XML conversion, Hansen explained. “The application executes as it normally would,” he added.

Developers can offload the XML processing from the Java application server onto a separate machine or virtual machine, and Netrifex is compatible with appliances that accelerate XML processing, Hansen said.

Pricing is per CPU, and US$20,000 is the entry-level price for a dual-core CPU, according to Hansen.