What are Product feeds sites, and how there are productive for a e-commerce site?

A product feed is a file containing information about the products listed on your site. Product feeds are used by e-commerce companies to provide information about products in an online store to search engines, product comparison websites, and other similar aggregators of e-commerce information. By sending product feeds regularly you can make sure these sites display the latest pricing, promotional, or other information for your products.

Here are the product feeds sites, that we can add to any shopping carts sites.

Top most sites

1. Shopping.com
2. Pricegrabber.com
3. Froggle.com
4. Yahoo.com
5. Shopzilla.com

Other comparison sites

6. Kellkoo.com
7. Become.com
8. PriceSCAN.com
9. BuyersIndex.com

Free Tool to submit product feeds.


Product Feed Submission from addme.com

BETA Product Feed Submission is a new free service that helps you submit your products to the shopping search engines. Just like website submission helps you submit your website to several search engines using one form, Product Feed Submission helps you submit your products to several shopping engines using one feed. To make this service possible addme.com partnered with several shopping search engines like Kellkoo, Become.com, PriceSCAN.com, BuyersIndex.com, Burf.com, focusLook.com, and others.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Create a product feed in ROR format using the ROR Feed Generator (also free), and add it to your website. If you need help, ask your administrator or a ROR Provider to create the feed for you.

2) Fill out the form below, submit, and voila!

If you have a Yahoo or Froogle feed, the ROR Feed Generator can generate a ROR feed from it automatically.

Why Product Feeds?

Products Feeds can be used to boost your site sales, because these will appear in many site though your feeds, if you propose a good price then this is a good chance of sales from different sites.