Portal definition and organization

Portal Portal definition and organization
What is Portal?

Name the large portals have heard, but perhaps for some of us is the question that actually occurred is a portal? What are characteristics and features? And what is different from a website? Portal to the Persian word translation dictionaries “window”, “port” and “entry” mentioned the word portal means different in Information Technology. If we say easy, is a portal web page interface that allows easy access to everything the user, asked for duty or his needs – regardless of whether it is physical location, providing. In other words Portal “port” is a virtual world that users can be provided through the facilities, to meet all your needs. Needs such as search, or purchase (eg a book), access to bank accounts, increase and decrease credit or credit account information to update the hardware work, everything through the portal port unit allows the user to .

Main features are a portal of term:
Gathering information
Being targeted information
Information being available
Valve New unique

A portal like a home computer, information and a variety of services on a web page and a compatible unit and shapely leaves available. Sometimes this page is called web top time. Starting point or portal can be certain that the initial page when users connect to the Web can see. However, unlike the computer screen, portals can be set through extensive connectivity to devices that their predicted website (including mobile phones) be used.

However, many apparent similarities between a Web portal is a way that first look noticeably different between the two is not all but these two are completely different. The question is the difference between the two is clear? In response to this question should be told the following features of a portal from a different website that:

Ports through which the individual can set the portal-related resources found.
View targeted information using the user experience.
Access to classified data types and grouped data.
Possibility to share and cooperation among all users and users of portals.
Possible to join the software and software systems that determine work flow and are defined.

Portal Version Summary

Written If you go back to back, when we found that the software systems were transformed in such a way that was not necessary to work with other applications, other programs are closed, the same could use a few applications we without difficulty. Features that did not exist before. History portal from the beginning and generations they evolved one after another foot to put information world arena.

The first generation of portals Game:
The first portal, their first generation as they are named, provide the static content, documentation and information as well as live feeds, web pages were based. Sample examples of this generation site is yahoo or Excite. This portal environment contiguous to, follow the same goals and specific intermediate page and unique access to distributed data collection across the company or organization, provide the user touching. This information usually includes company news, conditions and forms of employment, employees and information about how to contact them, official documents and policies and the company declared the communication link was useful.

Second-generation portals Game:
Second generation portal by date more specific information and applications were focused. Many similarities, especially in the field collect data were the first generation with all this there was also an important difference: these portals opportunities to the users in an environment to provide the continuous and the possible point of distinction with the previous generation is considered was.

Second-generation portals for interaction interoperability in virtual offices and work for the team to provide the people of Vzayfshan. Second Generation Portal Service, including several that they had to be content management services (organization and related information management) and collaboration services (which gave users can chat with each other for fire and sent another email and appointment they are) noted. Posts in this portal capability defined user groups had been Nyzfrahm. In other words, Game Portal domestic partnership working mechanism in an organization providing made.

Third Generation Portal Game:
The third generation to establish cyberspace commerce (E-Business) was created. Third-generation portal interface to the communication staff, suppliers, manufacturers and customers are considered. Extra features in this portal can be related to software-based servers is different. In other words, this portal to the joining point of Game content and applications located in different servers simultaneously using their services are working. In addition, access to content and features of different systems through a variety of tools and equipment, depending on user needs are possible. The group portal significant and valuable collection of information, documentation, facilities and related software capabilities through a single port to provide users.

In addition, this portal automatically targeted users based on role and draw their special features. In other words, how to play, content and facilities available, depending on user role defined in a way unique and special, he placed his disposal. Future development of key generation portal, the frame work to create open (not already defined) will be for public service.

Game types portal

A variety of organizations, including users that they can be customers, partners, employees noted. All interested users of this information and use of services. Is obvious that each of them special needs, and often different. To respond to this diversity, different types of portal is created and used. In general, according to how users needs, the portal can be grouped in four groups:

Business to Customer Portal (B2C)

This type of portal systems CRM [1] related to consumer and direct access to the extensive collection of information and services it provides – for example, information such as “Product Guide” and “customer orders” in their purchases and the user connection to customer support section in this portal is predicted. Like any other portal, a B2C portals usually provide the height and shape that will answer the needs of its customers.

Business to Business Portal (B2B)
Another type of portal resource management chain will form [2]. This type of information portal for manufacturers, suppliers, Agents and Distributors, in a way appropriate and classified collection and provide them placed. General samples Portal B2B – for example, a business partner is able to place parts of the information and facilities such as purchase order and invoice issuing access and facilities to use these sections. The application to join one of the necessary integration Pyshnyaz·hay commercial environment bed unit and the virtual environment is necessary for business. Possible environment in which the goods or services, buying and selling billing, access to production information and other related facilities provide you needs.


That most of this portal as intranet portals are known generally to Collapse, publication and sharing of information and service personnel in an organization are created. B2E to be divided into two main categories:

· Portals that allows employees to access content such as contiguous News, information hardware and software, search engine and technical resources and offers reports. Usually this type of information portal available to all employees is an organization. The portal staff and employees in an organization is able to through chat groups and in contact with each other and to work together. Generally, this portal Game facilities like a class registration or an Urdu also be provided to its users. In addition, users in the portal can usually personal information such as name and password to change.

· Knowledge worker portal with a specific example or set sales goals are to create a product. This collection of portal content to support the process or provide certain shared processes. For example, an auto technician program may require resources from other applications such programs is maintenance of the necessary information in order inspection and repair history, timing, or parts & equip needed repairs to get it.

Public Portal (Mega Or Public Portal)

With this portal as Internet portals are known and the most important feature is the great audience. This type of portal also classified under two groups are:

· Member portal that all users of the Internet to contact (eg Yahoo, Excite, Google, etc.)
· Specific portals (industrial, commercial, service) that they also vertical portals and the audience are limited and specific (such as banks, portals, government agencies, departments and …)

Should be noted that a portal can create links to various other portals. In addition, as an organization has a variety of users, can (and sometimes required) that various portals to support their needs may be.

Functional aspects of a portal

Although the portal in a variety of types and sizes are created, but limited and specific features they are known as core:

v Each portal and information services together in one place to gather.
Each portal can v necessary size of the person or group to start.
v Each portal at any time and any place is available.

A portal for collections and information services together in one place and collects

The main goal of providing easy access to everything (information services) that a user perform the duties and responsibilities needs, regardless of the source where it is.

Information that provides a portal

v structured data. If the data are organized, offering easy they exist (often based on hierarchical keywords). Alphabetical List of Library Books A good example is the structured data. Often include structured data, reports, analysis, queries and other types of specific knowledge is related to business.

v ن beginning data structure, the search was difficult and they usually outside of a database are. This type of data can be text, sound, image and graphic forms, such as documentation or Office, memos, e-mail, appointments to meet زد example.

v specific information [3], which can include buying and selling content (eg, types of news, reports, stock information, cartoons and trivial content) and especially to the use of other products and processes are put in authority.

Services to be provided by a portal

· Cooperation (with communication services, also known as) and allows users to chat with each other, throw, participate in group discussions are their subjects, they share your …

Content Management types of searches, manage and follow the special features in order to extract data offers.

· Personal services (as transaction services are also named), which allows users with other systems (such systems represent a seller or product) be related directly and without intermediaries. Normally, this feature allows the user to, for example to do the following activities:

– Products purchased from an organization to
– Meetings to your schedule
– View your account balance or to
– In your favorite class to register

Each portal can be the necessary size of the person or group to start.

One of the interesting features of a portal form and function is different for the different individuals. One of the ways in which the purpose is used, appropriate building and transformation according asked and portal capabilities or experience of the person or group is the gainer. Why is that different users form different from a portal to all information and provide different services to them is:

According to some changes requested times generally experiences a person or group is called to personalize this means that the choice of how the portal content is predicted. Most of these selected automatically based on user role (for example, his organizational position) is done. For example, when employees logged sales to be automatically list for his new product can be displayed. However in some select portal content displayed to the user to be appointed in their entering the portal to select.

Customize to change and how to select a portal including its appearance (eg color and layout page), model and location of the browser view the contents of the page. A portal it can label as a business and had a certain look and different types of leaves to show our users.

The two portals feature allows specific, defined set of users (eg customers, partners or employees) to the target. Some of the portal can even specify for each user, their shape and show a different icon.

A portal at any time and any place is always available

Because the portal for use in Web environments are created, at any time and from any location using a standard Web browser are available. Web-based types of equipment, including mobile access to the portal will be useful to have easy and extremity
Authors Hamid Musharraf (borrowed from Portal Solutions Redbook IBM)
Ie Portal
Portal (Portal) value is the port to the world of information and information sources, as classified and required the user.

Younes sugar doctor whether Allameh Tabatabai University communications professor, portal is defined as follows:

Basically a portal for internet users is possible and therefore I must say the first step Portal, Iran and Iran knows not and here is useful for all. In terms of planning, design and cost of a standard system development.

However, portal website that is trying to move the first station of users into the Internet. Portals often a catalog or other site issues are often the search engine are possible and some of them to chat and email to their users.

Game portal website to the Harbor ((Anchor site and bus (Gateway) is called.

In the simplest sense, is the gateway to the Web portal and platform launchers that each user before going into other options should come as a source, to use it.

Portal features include:

Feature categories and content and content classification, content management and content and Collapse, providing tools for content production and content development, content and feature content provided on any type and admission system, appropriate security capabilities supporting various languages, easy access to information, customization and personalization capabilities, search and index the contents of classified material and feature content navigation and content categories, the ability to offer a range of services available through component replacement and customization (Portlet).

The aim of portal design and implementation, website creation unit in order to access all site information and services of public and nongovernmental organizations, without referring directly to their individual. This port as a single point and the main facilities and the introduction deals can offer Favorites. The main goal of design of a port community, is interactive and dynamic to facilitate awareness of the service used and adhered to.

Portal is not only website, but one of its main sectors is considered. Reference to the portal site that Internet users and those who have dealings with the Web as a resource for entry and lookup queries to their favorite website use. However, the portal free services like Chat and Mail and other services free to users to donate their appearance, but the primary purpose portal, is proud to create users based on their needs, the website must choose. The first portal on the Internet that there were in fact proprietary website Internet service providers were in United States America. For example, subscribers to the AOL.com website, the website of these companies to other relevant data are Game website. If for example visitors familiar with the Internet today we can say the name of website Yahoo intensify. Website mentioned in addition to a variety of search services other website, the offer to their users, business information, weather forecasts and other services is such.

Search engines large part of the portal are in the back, but not all of it and also search engine and website directory, or that contain classified information are other website, the Internet portals that are designed for very limited and have been assigned.

Government Portal Portal هائی are introduced and public services in different fields pay. This portal to be designed if the visitors to easily access all the services required to have government.

Portals can be classified from different perspectives can be. In terms of scope under the two horizontal portals and vertical portals are divided. Horizontal portals are the portals that cover the range is enormous. For example, a Yahoo portal site is almost horizontal Interests covers people. Vertical portals are portals that هائی a range of topics, including a specific industry. Posts in this portal under the low range, but are a lot of depth. Thus have to reflect on a particular topic and have paid a professional means.

Another point in defining the concept of portals, such as derivatives of portal business portal, sports, news, organization and … In which the organization defines portals are sufficient:

· Portals organization or Enterprise Information Portals, one of the most common ways to exchange information with employees, customers and business partners are organizations, so that each person only Login to the web portal can be information, resources and services available in your will. Enterprise portals often contain personal and confidential information that should only be provided the authority. (Eg single legal information to people who provide only single owner should be) some of the features of enterprise portals is the following:
o Document and Content Management: Documents presented in separate categories, controlling different versions of documents, turning documents and their management, including facilities organization is considered a portal. Despite the abundant facilities and creating content management, enterprise portals need content management system, usually in the organization to solve.
o collaboration (Collaboration): in enterprise portals users can usually through a Synchronous Chat and Messenger, or via the Asynchronous Forum (Forum), blog and email are in connection with the organization.
o Search and circulation of information: providing information, is useful but hard to reach the conditional or otherwise is not possible. All important information, including enterprise portals with features abundant volume is given.
o Privatization (Personalization): Privatization possible content – data, information and services – and also appears privatization portal, the ability to enjoy personal format gives users. Each user must be able to service and information about the selected Nazar said.
o determine access rights and rules (Entitlement): Managers enterprise portals allow users to access information and services are limited. For example, financial information of business partners should only be provided Partners organization. Not employees, not customers and the organization.
o integration (Integration): communication between system software and applications in the organization and a point of view – Single Point Of View – one of the most important organizational characteristics is a portal. This property located in the differences Bazr a site is a portal organization.
o determine the identity and authenticity verification stage (Single Sign On – SSO): users when not required to work with Portal username and your details in the forum to be served. In fact, with services such as LDAP and Active Directory should be using a profile to work with different systems exist. For example, users should be able entering a username once parts of Documents, e-mail (related Mail Server), Archive Documents (Archived documents related software) and administrative letters (related to automation system) to use .

Portal concept from the viewpoints of different purposes and have different definitions that are going to mention some examples:

· A portal site that has other sites is to Input, a portal typically Free services such as search engine, free email, chat and … Is.

· A portal site that is first place when people use the Web to see. (First place to see) and that such a goal is established. Usually a portal with a list of other sites, a search engine and some free services such as email, chat and … Is. In fact, a Portal is considered a Point Of Entry.

· Portal is a site with the aim of being the first Location Contact (First Port Of Call) when the user is online to start design and implementation will be. A combination of portal news, information, search and directory service provides. The passer, providing free services and tools other content, including efforts to maintain Portals officials is the best place to start.