Picasa Web Groups Google Buzz Albums

Picasa Web Albums is the central repository for all the photos uploaded to Google’s services. If you upload photos to Blogger, Google Buzz, Orkut or upload a background image for Google’s homepage, your photos are stored in Picasa Web Albums.

Unfortunately, Google creates many albums that clutter the interface. For example, Google Buzz creates a new album every time you upload one or more photos. Picasa Web addressed this issue by grouping all the Buzz albums in a special gallery called “Photos from posts”.

Google Buzz is not the only service that adds unnecessary albums: Blogger creates albums to store the photos uploaded to your blogs. Picasa’s albums aren’t a good way to organize photos because they have limitations (the maximum number of albums has been recently increased to 10,000), you can’t store the same photo in multiple albums and individual photos don’t have privacy controls. Until Picasa Web Albums drops “Picasa” and “albums” from its name and becomes Google Photos, the service will be an online extension of a desktop software and will inherit Picasa’s flaws and limitations.

{ via Adewale }