Store More Photos and Videos in Picasa Web Albums

You’ve probably noticed that Picasa Web‘s storage counter shows that you have more free space than a couple of days ago. It turns out that this is not a bug.

“We recently made a change whereby any pictures 800 pixels and under don’t count towards used PWA storage. The new GB numbers you’re seeing are the result of quota recalculations that were made,” informs a Google employee.

The new feature encourages users to upload smaller images. If you use Picasa to upload your photos, there’s a setting that lets you pick the dimensions of the photos that are uploaded. The “small” option is recommended “for publishing images on blogs and webpages”. Blogger users who resize their photos before uploading them will no longer have to buy extra storage if they’re prolific.

Another important change is that “all videos under 15 minutes also don’t count towards used PWA storage”. That means you can now upload short videos to Picasa Web Albums without worrying about the file size.

Default HTTPS Access for Picasa Web Albums

Last month, Picasa Web Albums started to support HTTPS and now it’s enabled by default. It’s probably the only popular photo sharing site that uses an encrypted connection by default and that’s really impressive.

Picasa Web Albums is not the only Google service that has recently switched to HTTPS. Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites are three other services that only use encrypted connections. You no longer have worry about editing the URL and replacing “http” with “https” because Google automatically redirects URLs to HTTPS.