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Xlinesoft announced today PHPRunner Version 5.1 has got all great reviews with its new features. PHPRunner new features include a menu builder, validation plugins, edit controls, and time picker just to name a few. Develop complete dynamic database driven sites in minutes by the click of your mouse.

Xlinesoft software Development Company designed PHPRunner, A PHP Code Generator, for entry level website designers that do not have an extensive knowledge of PHP programming. With PHPRunner, the entry level web designer can create a complete dynamic database driven website in minutes. This automated PHP Code Generator creates every page starting with authentication login, auto email for activation, administration and also generates several different 3D bar charts for graphical statistics. PHPRunner now has optimized wizard navigation to enhance faster performance with generating reports and many other wizard interfaces with smart database synchronization.

Sergey Kornilov, Xlinesoft Company Owner, said one recent customer review got his attention:
Customer Review

Dear Sergey, I am amazed with phprunner capabilities. I run a small private owned design and hosting company and manage IT solutions for a handful of clients all by myself. One of my clients run the osCommerce shopping cart and asked if I could provide a way to let their employees add product HTML details with images but not let these employees have access to admin section of the cart. I went searching on Google for “php code generator” and found PHPRunner.

Let me tell you what I created. I added a simple include statement in product details page to include the contents of one table field of mysql database. I started a new project in PHPRunner and created the table with only 2 fields product id and product html. I generated an administrative backend where employees register, receive activation email, login to account and add/edit html product descriptions with the web based fckeditor that can be included on a textarea. Not only can they login, I also created permission levels so the site admin can set permissions of access as admin, publisher, or editor. I did not count the files after it was complete but by looking there must have been 1000 files or more. COMPLETE AND FINISHED IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR! PHPRunner was heaven sent! Thank you so much for developing this awesome software.

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