Is There An Easy Way To List My Phpinfo Data On WordPress? | WP Citrus

This plugin prints out your webservers php settings as well as other information about your WordPress installation.
Important for posting at various WordPress support forums.

Demo: see below

Languages: english, deutsch(german)

Download: Phpinfo

Version: 1.1


  1. download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
  2. activate the plugin in you WordPress administration backend and go to “Options” > “Phpinfo

The output of Phpinfo looks like this:

PHP information for

max_execution_time: 150
max_input_time: -1
file_uploads: 1
upload_max_filesize: 5M
post_max_size: 8M
register_globals: 1
allow_url_fopen: 1
eaccelerator.enable: 1

Other information:

PHP Server API: cgi
WordPress Version: 2.2.3
WordPress Blog URI:
WordPress Installation URI:
WordPress Theme: /wp-content/themes/designpraxis-wp
WordPress Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
WordPress wp-content directory is writable
WordPress does not use Gzip Compression
WP-Cache is running on this installation of WordPress
GD library is installed
PHP Version: 4.4.6
MySQL Version: 5.0.37
Browser used: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; de; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/