Say Hello to PayPal Payments Pro and USA ePay

New Merchant Integrations!

HQ quietly toiling away on the awesome and we’re really excited now that everything is finally in place for us to start announcing our goodies to our favorite form friends. First order of business—New payment integration features!

Some of you might have noticed that over the last few weeks Chris has silently released into the wild a number of improvements to our payment integration settings and workflows. In addition to some interface improvements, the backend has been completely rewritten to make it easier for us to add merchants down the line. Today we’re announcing two new merchants: PayPal Payments Pro and USA ePay, two of the largest and most trusted gateways on the Internet.

New Payment UI

Integrated Payment Workflow

One thing our payment veterans will be excited to hear about with these specific integrations is that after a Wufoo form is submitted, the user will not be taken to another page on the merchant or gateway’s web site. Instead, we’ve designed our own payment summary page so that your users will experience a seamless flow from data submission to payment collection. Watch this video to see the new integrated payment experience in action.

New Payment Summary Page

Because we liked this new workflow so much, we’ve also added an integrated workflow as well. If you’re currently using the old way with, you can easily switch over to Integrated in your merchant settings.

New Integrated Payment Features

We did our best to create an integrated payment system that we think is one of the best ecommerce experiences your users can have on the Internet. Not only do we think it looks great, it comes with a number of powerful features:

  • No Redirect – If you’ve embedded the form on your site, Wufoo doesn’t take you off your web page. The payment step happens seamlessly on your web site.
  • Payment Summary – Your payment page presents all the charges associated with the choices they made on your Wufoo form so that they have all the information they need to verify and complete the transaction successfully.
  • Collect Shipping Address – You can toggle your payment form to optionally collect a shipping address from the user. The payment form can automatically base it on the billing address or specify their own.
  • Professionally Designed Email Invoices – You can have your payment form request an email address from your users so that they receive an invoice / receipt of the transaction for their records. These invoices can be customized with your own message, footer and data from our templating system. View sample invoice.
  • Live Previews – No need to publish and submit test entries every time you make changes to your settings. Our preview features in the Payment Settings interface allow you to see how your themes, selections and copy affect your payment page and email invoices.
  • Theme Friendly – Your payment page automatically matches the colors and branding you use with your Wufoo form. That means look of your tables and fields automatically coordinate their colors with your theme for a high quality, professional experience.

We’ve also beefed up our Wufoo Powered Payments page to help us promote these new features to you, your friends and your colleagues. Please note that the new payment integration features are available to users on the Bona Fide ($24.95/month) plans and higher, but all users can try out payment integration for 5 transactions for free. To access these settings, just click on the Payment button under your form’s name in the Form Manager and start making money.