Magento Go and the Magento Go Developer Platform

At Magento, our vision is to be at the core of eCommerce. Over the past 3+ years, Magento has realized that vision, enabling success for 90,000+ merchants, 350,000+ community members and thousands of developers, designers and systems integrators.  Magento is now so core to eCommerce, the name is more frequently Googled than the term “eCommerce” itself.

Despite Magento’s growth, momentum and reach, huge numbers of merchants are still stuck on the outside of the Magento ecosystem. These merchants lack the size and technical sophistication to deploy Magento. They have don’t have the resources to engage our partners and they don’t want to deal with infrastructure issues. As a result, they’ve been unable to benefit from what this platform and community have to offer. It’s time to bring those merchants on the inside.

Introducing Magento Go, the next evolution in eCommerce

Coming in February, Magento Go is a hosted, SaaS service designed for small and emerging merchants who want the benefits of selling online, without the complexity of managing servers and software. It provides them with a robust platform at a cost that any small business can afford.

Magento Go includes these key benefits for small and emerging merchants:

  • PCI Level-1 certified solution
  • Fully supported by our team of experts via email and/or phone
  • Complete Design Control
  • Industry-Leading SEO
  • Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies
  • Powerful Coupon and Discount Tools
  • What you know and love about Magento
  • And much, much more

We’re so excited to launch Magento Go and introduce Magento to a whole new class of merchants that will be able to participate in the Magento revolution. To learn more, visit

Introducing the Magento Go Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Offering

As you know, Magento leverages the power of the broader ecosystem to deliver the best results for merchants. So as we began creating Magento Go, we knew that an “off the shelf” SaaS offering wouldn’t suffice. We needed to take Magento Go to the next level. Actually, we needed to enable all of YOU to take Magento Go to the next level.

That’s why we’re creating the Magento Go Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that will enable developers to build applications for Magento Go, just as you have built for our deployed editions. The energy & creativity of the Magento development community meets the SaaS environment, that’s what the Magento Go Platform is all about!

With Magento Go and the Magento Go Platform, we are extending the Magento ecosystem to the cloud.

The Magento Go Platform features a full range of APIs that will expose all of Magento’s functionality, both front-end and back-end, to developers. The Platform uses best of breed open standards, such as OpenSocial and OAuth, and developers can use any programming language to create applications.

Magento Go Apps will work both on our SaaS and our deployed products of Community, Professional, and Enterprise Edition – enabling developers to write applications once and deploy them across all of Magento’s solutions.

The Platform is currently in beta, visit to learn more.


Magento, at the core of eCommerce

Of course, our deployed products will continue to be at the core of Magento’s business. But, we envision a future in which merchants, partners and developers move seamlessly between multiple deployment models to realize their business goals.

Today’s announcements move us in that direction positioning Magento at the core of eCommerce, wherever eCommerce is happening.