Opencart vs Prestashop vs Magento

The new open-source free shopping cart software based on PHP/MySQL is as follows: Opencart, Prestashop, Magento。They have already exceeded osCommerce, Zencart, CRE Loaded.If you just want to build a media-sized shopping cart, choosing them is a very good choice. However, these three kinds of shopping cart software have their own advantage and disadvantage. Which to choose? Let’s make a contrast. You can choose according to your requirement. Of course, you can also tell IECSP the detailed requirement, we assist you to determine which shopping cart software to choose.

Function contrast:

Features Prestashop Magento Opencart
Open Source 100% 100% 100%
Pricing Free Free Free
Templatable Smarty Smarty PHP
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
Related Products
Product Features
Discount Coupon
Backup & Restore
Printable Invoices
Sales Reports
Free Shipping
News & Events
Wish List
Track order
Gift Certificate
Recently Viewed
Bulk Category Add
Bulk Product Add
Product Comparison
One-page Checkout
Order Barcode
Merchandise return (RMAs)
RSS Feed
Send to friend
Access Restrictions
Live Chat Software

Conclusion: Magento win, Prestashop and Opencart lose.

Code contrast:

Opencart’ code is not only a very excellent but also a high efficient framework, which adopt MVC schema development, and have a clear logic structure, easy to study and modify. Of course, the precondition is that you have to possess a powerful PHP developing ability. Opencart don’t use the Smarty template engine, which is a reason IECSP admire it. This project can not only increase the efficiency, but also decrease the code workload of the programmer.

Based on PHP5, Prestashop adopt smarty template engine. The first MVC schema is not excellent. It will be tough, if you touch the code of prestashop first. The linage of code is much more, for it adopt smarty, increase the workload of extending development.

Magento adopt Zend framework, not smarty template engine. For the programmer who are making extending development, they not only need to master PHP, but also need to handle Zend framework. The efficiency of development will be increased, if you can handle Zend framework. However, adopting Zend framework will definitely decrease the disposal performance of Magento, which is congenital deficiency, but Magento add the Compiler module in order to increase performance, at least 30%.

Conclusion: Opencart win, Prestashop and Magento lose.

Speed contrast:

We deploy the three shopping cart softwares on the same host, and turn on the cache function, Magento turn on Compiler module, the homepage display 20 products. We make the first and second visit to every shopping cart software, then record the visit speed. Through many time testing and average value contrast, we find that the speed of Opencart is the best. The speed of Prestashop and Magento is a little worse. What IECSP need to show is that our test is based on our own host environment, our own simple method, not the general objective evaluation. The possibility of error exist. If you test, the result maybe different from ours.

Conclusion: Opencart win, Prestashop and Magento lose.

Community and support contrast:

Magento developed by a company from US, Prestashop by a group of students from French, Opencart by a programmer from British.
Now, magento Community have 130,000 members, Prestashop have 30000 members, Opencart have only 4000 members.

Conclusion: Matento win, Prestashop follow, Opencart last.

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