OpenCalais and Oracle (Fusion ECM)

Call it Semantic Web, Web 3.0, SemTech or just plain cool, it is coming to business. It is no secret that I am unabashedly bullish on the role of semantic technology in enterprise information management. THIS STORY on the combined OpenCalais extraction and semantic document indexing capabilities of the newly released 11.2 Oracle Spatial database is proof positive that this thinking is on the right track.

In fact, the architecture of the 11.2 Oracle Spatial DB semantic document indexing engine allows you to chain any extractors (e.g. GATE, Oracle Text, or 3RD Party) and trigger them based on rule sets and criteria. This provides for an almost infinitely rich RDF creation capability. That RDF data store becomes the foundation for a new generation of truly evolutionary business applications.

I have also been priming all you dear readers with the needs and strategies for implementing this next stage in enterprise information evolution in my ongoing series about accidental collaboration in the enterprise.

If you have read any of those posts, you realize the emphasis I place on the need to get at the data within the content container. Semantic based extraction, text analytics, NLP and ontology based extractors are the way to do it. Oracle continues to innovate by tooling the business systems to (finally!) gain access to that wealth of data.

Stay tuned for more…