New Trends in The World of IT: Nokia World 2009] Facebook on Nokia

At the the ongoing Nokia World Event, Nokia and Facebook have announced home screen and Facebook status update widget for S40 phones. Facebook also announced the Facebook Connect for mobile web. With this FB has brought together the dev community and mobile phones, the best thing about this one is that it works on any platform so just imagine the kind of exposure Facebook wil get on mobile now. Facebook will also be distributing mobile phone applications, just like a Facebook App store on mobile.

With the announcement of this partnership between the two giants, social networking on mobile has taken a new step today. Both Facebook and Nokia are leaders and hope their integration gives us, the users, good services that would make our mobile social lives fun and entertaining. Facebook on touch screen devices is a breeze as compared to the non touch screen ones.
Facebook today has 250 million users globally and the traffic to this site is increasing day by day.