Ubuntu 9.10 and MythTV

Updater tool isn’t really consequent about updating my machine, making me check updates again after installing them over and over again.
The overall performance of the machine, bootup times etc are great, but when loading Gnome, it always freezes when gathering my deskbar icons and settings, so there must be something wrong.
FPM2, the password manager I love and use, doesn’t “copy” the passwords anymore, making me have to ‘edit’ the entry, let it display the password, select and Ctrl-Ins it to copy it and use it in another application…
Firefox is version 3.5 by default now, but Astaro pre 7.5 firewall Config GUI’s have an issue with their drag-’n-drop functionality with 3.5, so I needed to get it out and install 3.0 again, which ran quite OK.

Now the best part is: I just received a ‘partial upgrade’ notification, letting me know MythTV has an upgrade waiting to 0.22… Nice!!!

I’ll be testing it with my 0.21 backend, and maaaaaybe, if I feel very lucky and adventurous, I might install it on the backend machine I have running here too…
I’ll keep you posted on my findings and the new things I find in 0.22 that are really worth mentioning!.

Mythtv is still advancing, though it took a while before 0.22 really got usable, it seems, but hey! I’m patient, I know they’re working hard to make it the best Media Center Software solution there is.
Keep up the good work! MythTV rocks!