Huawei e1550 – Modem error: 3G USB Fake

Several days ago my old modem (Sierra 881U) can’t be used again. I don’t know the cause is it because the battery (it’s 7 months old) or the hardware itself, it always gave me this error: “Failed to communicate with the device”. When plugging in to Debian, the result is the same, the modem isn’t detected. I have to buy new one so, I got the cheapest one I found: Huawei E1550.
The modem looks good on the outside but really gave me a lot of trouble. The modem always detected on the first time install but always gave me error: “Huawei mobile connect – 3G USB Fake” on the second use/after rebooting or changing port. When I got that error, my Windows XP SP3 machine can’t be shutdown/reboot properly, I must do hard shutdown. See screen-shot:

This problem made me frustrated for several days until I get my own solution. Here’s my stupid solution:

  1. Don’t plug-in your modem when booting
  2. always uninstall “3 Mobile Broadband” and/or “Mobile Partner” software before plug in the modem
  3. after “3 Mobile Broadband” and/or “Mobile Partner” removed, you can plug in your modem.. Windows will detect the modem as new removable device which you can install “3 Mobile Broadband” again.
  4. install “3 Mobile Broadband” from the modem, don’t remove the modem
  5. open “Device Manager” via “My Computer” properties.
  6. in my case the modem always not detected yet
  7. repeat clicking “AutoRun.exe” on modem’s removable device and “Scan for hardware change” on “Device Manager” until your modem is correctly detected which is “HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem”
  8. that’s it, now you can connect using “3 Mobile Broadband” or other unbranded “Mobile Partner”
  9. remember, before shutting-down or change modem’s USB port or removing modem your your PC/laptop, you must uninstall “3 Mobile Broadband” and/or “Mobile Partner”

This is some screen-shot to make it clear:
Modem “AutoRun.exe”:

“Scan for hardware change” button on “Device Manager” and modem correctly detected:

Until now, I can’t made this modem to work on my Debian lenny.. I failed when trying compiling latest”udev” package or using custom “usb_modeswitch”, I’m giving up on this.. maybe later, I already wasting too much time on getting this modem to work on my windows.