Exadel News: December 2010

In this edition:

  • Webinar on Mobile Development Choices
  • Tiggr Adds Mobile Components for Tiggr Prototypes
  • Exadel at Devoxx 2010
  • Two More Projects Move to exadel.org
  • Exadel Develops CCH Mobile for Wolters Kluwer

Webinar on Mobile Development Choices

Exadel has a lot of experience helping customers “mobilize” their businesses. On November 4th, Exadel shared its expertise in this area by hosting a webinar looking at the pros and cons of the two main approaches for mobile development: native apps and mobile-targeted Web apps. You can view a recording of the webinar online.

Tiggr Adds Mobile Components for Tiggr Prototypes

Tiggr, Exadel’s online collaborative tool for developing prototypes for applications, continues to pack new and exciting features. In late November, Tiggr added a mobile component palette based on the jQuery Mobile framework. You can now develop interactive prototypes for iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other mobile device. Additionally, Tiggr’s collaboration now works behind a firewall. Learn more about these feature by visiting the Tiggr blog, and keep up on the latest Tiggr developments by following the Tiggr project on Twitter.

Exadel at Devoxx 2010

Devoxx is an annual European Java conference in Antwerp, Belgium. Exadel participated in Devoxx for the first time this year. At the conference, Exadel’s Max Katz presented on Mobile Development Choices: Native Apps vs. Web Apps. You can view the slides from this presentation on Max’s blog.

Two More Projects Move to exadel.org

exadel.org is Exadel’s open source and community Web site. We have just finished moving two open source projects over to exadel.org: Exadel Fiji and Exadel Cloud in a Box. Fiji takes any Flash widget or JavaFX applet and wraps either one as a JSF component, making it simple to add rich content to a JSF page (works with JSF 2 now). Exadel Cloud in a Box is a ready-to-use stack (an Amazon Machine Instance or AMI) of open source software that you can run in the Cloud (Amazon) or on your own hardware to develop rich internet applications.

Exadel Develops CCH Mobile for Wolters Kluwer

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, launched its IntelliConnect® tax and accounting research platform with great success, but then needed a mobile extension for the platform. They turned to Exadel for help, and Exadel delivered CCH Mobile™. Read what CCH has to say about this project.