Codega 7 Full Version for Ubuntu, opensuse, mandriva free download

Codega like Wine is a specially designed software to runa many popular windows applications in Linux environment. Codega is the professional software for this purpose. It has support free updates and many benefits.

Codega 7 is the current version of Codega. To install on your system just follow these steps.

1) Go to and sign up for the free trial (you don’t have to pay just sign up or it won’t work).
2) Once signed up install the RPM/DEB/TGZ for your system.
3) Start up Cedega and let it update to the latest UI. Installing the engine will fail cause you haven’t paid
4) Install the Spore Trial
5) Copy the winex-7 folder to: ~/.cedega/.winex_ver
6) Profit

Download Codega 7 Fullversion

this file is include:

  • cedega-000133-1.i386.rpm658.52 KB
  • cedega-000133.tgz639.99 KB
  • cedega-mandriva-000133-1.i386.rpm658.56 KB
  • cedega-suse-000133-1.i386.rpm658.55 KB
  • WineX