Magento Preview Version CE – Now Available!

We are happy to announce the availability of Magento Preview Version CE for download.
This release is a preview version. It is likely unstable and NOT recommended to be used in any production environment (for more information about preview releases and the new community edition release process can be found in this blog post). This release is NOT available for upgrade through Magento Connect Manager unless upgrading directly from versions CE,beta1, CE, CE or CE, The release is available on our download page and via SVN.

Some of the key new features in this release include:

§ Improved Import/Export functionality for Products and Customers

§ Ability to add and manage composite products when creating or editing orders from the admin

§ Alternative media storage using either the file system or the database

§ PayFlowLink HSS integration

§ Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.1

§ Enhancements to the core API including exposing shopping cart API

§ And much more…
To see a full list of features and fixed issues please visit our release notes page. Diff files are available here.
Please report all issues with this release in the bug tracker.

Download here