Magento Save Admin Session for long time- Magento Tips

Many its a big issue, the Magento takes us to login screen after 20minutes. so when customers are working on any CMS pages or Email templates, it will not save the data, and simply go to login page when we click on save.


Here is the best solution for you Comment the following line and replace with the below line files, this way the session exists for a longer time.

Goto /app/etc/local.xml and replace the below line.

<!– <session_save><![CDATA[db]]></session_save> –>


Magento Common problems and solutions for images disappear from website

If images disappear from the  Magento site check the below


  1. Cache refresh
  2. image path being CASE SENSITIVE
  3. incorrect image path in catalog_product_entity_media_gallery while porting
  4. Make sure you have GD installed fine on your server.,.. if not re-install it ..and also disable open_basedir function for this account.
  5. php_value memory_limit : supports only values in M and not in G you can’t give 1G instead give it as 1024M.

Hope this save lot of time for other Magento users.

Magento Customer Password is encrypted with the below code

Magento Customer Password is encrypted with the below code

It does use Md5. Here is the code:

public function getHash($password, $salt=false)
if (is_integer($salt)) {
$salt = $this->getRandomString($salt);
return $salt===false ? md5($password) : md5($salt.$password).':'.$salt;

So, in the database it is stored as this: [md5]:[salt]