Magento Solutions for Google Base using Google Shopping APIs


Greetings Magento Community Developers and Users,

As many of you are aware, as of June 1st 2011, Google Base Data API has been fully retired and merchants who are using Google Base APIs to upload products to Google should migrate to new extension Google Content API Extension.

Google Shopping API consists of two parts: Content and Search; Content API allows insert, update, delete and retrieve product’s info from Google; Search API allows search by uploaded items and it is not part of Magento’s integration.

This new extension covers the new Content API logic and it is designed for managing merchant item being uploaded to Google Base. For Magento, this simply replaces the current Google Base API logic.

Magento users can reference the following user guide documentation for additional information and instructions on how to utilize Google Shopping APIs for items with your Magento store.

Magento developers can reference the following technical overview documentation on Magento integration with Google Shopping APIs.

As always feel free to contact Rhonda or Baruch directly if you have any questions.