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Table of Contents

Magento Developer User Guide. 9

Add Featured Products to Home Page. 9

Add Bestsellers to Home Page using the best-selling box of Blue Theme. 9

How to Fix the Breadcrumbs of Inactive Categories. 11

Create Payment Method Module. 13

Create Shipping Method Module. 21

Module doesn’t appear in frontend. 35

Module doesn’t appear in admin. 36

Backend shows errormessage when displaying the shippingmethod. 36

Magento Architecture. 37

Page request flow.. 37

Preliminary core modules dependency diagram.. 37

Changing and Customizing Magento Code. 39

Subversion. 39

Upgrading to a newer version. 40

Custom Modules. 42

Blocks. 43

Step 2) Add Block configuration to catalog.xml 45

Step 4) Extend Mage_Catalog_Block_Category_View.. 47

Step 6) Add new blocks to the app/etc/local.xml 48

Magento Easy Lightbox. 49 49

CSS Resources. 50

Creating CSS buttons vs Image buttons. 52

The CSS. 53

Add Home Link with functional active state to Menu Bar (Alternative Method). 55

Magento’s Import/Export Profile. 60

The New Magento Connect Design (part 1). 62

Installing Magento Enterprise stand-alone on OS X. 63

Pre-Production System Configuration Checklist. 65

1: System -> Configure -> General 65

2: System > Configuration > Sales. 66

3: System -> Advanced. 67

4: System -> Transactional Emails. 68

Top-10 Most Popular Magento Extensions This Week (Jan 31 – Feb. 5). 70

Multi-site Domain Name Setup. 71

1: Categories. 71

2: Store Configuration in the Magento Admin. 71

3: Store Configuration in the Server. 74

4: We’re Ready to Go!. 75

Magento Free Shipping. 76

Changing the Magento ‘favicon’ 79

How to Embed Google Custom Search in Magento. 80

Reward Points System.. 84

Reward Points System.. 84

Magento Development: Introduction to Magento Dataflow.. 85

Dataflow profile definition. 85

Adapter definition. 85

Magento DataFlow standard adapters. 86

Customer and Product adapters. 86

Parser definition. 88

Magento DataFlow standard parsers. 88

Standard customer and product entity parsers. 89

Mapping values. 90

Importing Newsletter Subscribers. 91

Varien’s Popular Open Source Magento eCommerce Software to Ship with Zend Server Community Edition PHP Stack  93

Availability. 94

Replacing the Logo Image in Transactional Emails. 95

How to Configure Magento Widgets. 96

Overview.. 96

What are Widgets?. 96

How to Develop a Widget. 98

Terminology. 98

Widget Examples in Magento CE 1.4, EE 1.6. 99

Tutorial: Creating a Magento Widget, Part 1. 100

Introduction. 100

Widget Basics. 100

Tutorial: Creating a Magento Widget, Part 2. 112

Introduction. 112

Available widget configuration options, types and definitions. 112

Multiple Websites, Importing Catalog with Different Price and Currencies. 123

Magento Connect Extensions for Facebook Integration. 125

Embedding HTML in the Footer. 126

Limiting Free Shipping to the Continental US. 127

Tax Rules Configuration and Settings. 128

Example of files edited in Excel (when opening on notepad or any other text editor. 128

Proper file format with double quotation marks. 128

Video: Security, Permission Roles, Encryption, PA-DSS and Logging in the Magento Enterprise Edition   129

Promotions, Discounts and Conditional Selection. 130

Issue. 130

Solution. 130

Magento Bug Tracker RSS. 132

Rich Merchandising Suite (RMS). 133

CMS+, Enhanced Content Management System.. 134

Magento Database Repair Tool 135

Magento Database Repair Tool More. 136

Usage Instructions. 136

Crash-course for the impatient. 136

Test it before running on a Production Environment!. 136

Step-by step. 137

How to Set Up a Cron Job. 139

Magento and crontab. 139

Windows. 141

Other solutions. 142

Inner workings. 142

Error logging. 143

Configuration. 143

Magento’s Cronjobs. 145

How to restore a broken admin access. 146

Log in with the new account. 147

Further information. 147

Using Magento on Amazon EC2. 148

Optimizing Performance with Apache. 148

1. MySQL Configuration. 149

2. Apache KeepAlives. 149

3. PHP Opcode Cache. 150

4. Memory-based Filesystem.. 150

Public and Free Magento AMIs. 150

Launching an EC2 Magento Demo Store. 151

Benchmarking with ApacheBench. 151

Benchmarking with Pingdom.. 151

Optimizing Performance with Nginx. 152

Data Persistance with EBS (Elastic Block Storage). 152

EC2 Pricing and FAQs. 155

Performance Improvements in Next Magento Release. 155

Todos. 155

Understanding Magento Scalability and Performance. 156

Easy Wins. 156

Measure your Magento. 158

Three Steps to Improve Scalability and Performance. 160

Going Further. 161

Conclusion. 162

Gift Cards and Customer Store Credits in the Magento Enterprise Edition. 163

Improve Conversions in 60 Seconds. 164

Magento & Zend Server Benchmarks. 165

Methods & Tools Used. 165

Magento Version Benchmarks. 166

Apache + mod-php VS Apache + Zend Server. 167

Zend Server Configuration for Magento. 168

Response time. 170

Additional technical details about the tests. 172

Things to test in the next benchmark campaign. 172

Conclusion. 173

Content Staging and Merging in the Magento Enterprise Edition. 174

Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS– Fooman Speedster. 175

Upgrades Made Easy. 177

CSRF Vulnerability in Web Applications (and how to avoid it in the Magento Admin). 178

Live Chat Extension. 179

Magento Connect: Gift Certificates / Virtual Cards Extension. 180

How To Setup Multiple Magento Stores. 181

TYPO3 + Magento = TypoGento. 182

Google Base Integration in Magento. 182

Video: Google Website Optimizer Integration in Magento 1.1.7. 182

Tutorial: Integrating 3rd Party CMS Content Within Magento. 183

Getting Started. 183

Create a Local Code Pool Module. 184

Create a Layout. 185

Extending the Technique. 185

Magento Connect: Simple Configurable Products Extension. 186

A/B Split & Multivariable Testing with Google Website Optimizer. 186

50+ Payment Gateways Now Supported in Magento. 188

Blank Theme available through MagentoConnect. 190

OpenERP Integration Available Via Magento Connect. 191

Magento in 60 languages!. 192

We have 23 locales that are 85% – 100% complete. 192

13 locales that are actively translated (20% – 85%). 192

And 24 more locales that are in the process: 193

Magento Connect: Quickbooks Integration via T-HUB. 194

Video: Magento via iPhone. 195

WordPress Integration Extension Available Via Magento Connect. 195

Video: Custom Product Options in Magento 1.1. 196

Magento PHPDocs Now Available. 196

osCommerce Migration Tool – Now Available. 197

Building Configurable Products Fast. 197

Magento / Drupal Integration Project. 198

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