LinkedIn Upgrades ‘People You May Know’ Feature With Search Filters

Did you know that “People You May Know” was invented here at LinkedIn?  Staying in touch with your current contacts and reconnecting with old or lost ones is a critical part of establishing your professional identity and People You May Know is a powerful way to find those connections.

Every day we get lots of great feedback from users on this feature and we’ve been listening! With our revamped People You May Know, we have now taken the power of this product and made it even better by merging it with another powerful feature, faceted search.  These facets make it easier to filter the list of people you may know by companies and schools.  With these improvements, you will be able to page through all of your suggestions on the landing page, and quickly filter them by company or school or see which connections you have in common.

How do you get there?  Click on the “See More” link on the “People You May Know” box and in just a few clicks you can get through the entire list of people you may know and connect with the the right connections.

From this page you can filter this giant list of possible connections in a variety of ways. Maybe you want to filter by those unknown connections currently working at Yahoo. Or maybe you are looking for that long lost colleague who used to work with you at Genentech and also went to school at UCSF.  Or perhaps they are working at Cisco these days, but they used to work at Accenture and IBM.

Here is a quick video demo that walks you through the enhanced features of the new “People You May Know” experience.

This is just the beginning in helping you quickly find and make those connections. We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature as we roll it out to all of our users over the next few days. Feel free to either leave a comment on this post or send us your feedback via twitter – @linkedin.

LinkedIn Lanches APP for iPhone 3.1

“We can make him better than he was before.  Better, stronger, faster.” — The Six Million Dollar Man

On December 28, 2009, we decided to ring in the new year a little early with the launch of the new LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 application.  Since that time, we’ve seen tremendous excitement and enthusiasm around the new application.  In fact, in the short time since the launch, we’ve seen the number of active users of the application triple.

I’m happy to report that, as of yesterday, Apple has approved the new LinkedIn for iPhone v3.1 for availability in the iTunes App Store.

Download: LinkedIn for iPhone v3.1

Feature Enhancements

We’ve received a lot of feedback from users in the past few months, and we’re hard at work on a large number of improvements.  For this release, we chose to focus primarily on making the application faster and more stable for people with large networks.

The most significant enhancements surround the new Favorites feature that we launched with v3.0 of the application.  We’ve now made it easier than ever to go through your connections, and quickly mark which of your connections are Favorites.

Bulk Add Favorites in v3.1

Once you add your favorites, you now have a quick list of contacts that you can go to when you need to send a quick message or look up information before a meeting.  In addition, you can filter your Network Updates to show only updates from your Favorites.   Managing the list is as easily as a simple swipe of your finger.

Delete Favorites

Swipe to Delete Favorites in v3.1

Over a dozen small feature enhancements made it into this version, including a lot of the little things that our users requested.  For example, it’s now possible to set your status directly from your profile page.

LinkedIn Mobile: 2010

2010 is a big year for LinkedIn mobile.  If you are one of our LinkedIn for iPhone users, please join the conversation in the LinkedIn for iPhone group.  We’re very excited to hear from you and hear suggestions for new features and improvements.

LinkedIn for iPhone v3.1 is live and available in the app store.  Get it now.