Java Plugin Examples

Java Plugin Examples

The following plugin archives are installed automatically, when double clicked in Total Commander. Each plugin has a README.TXT with additional notes and included source code in each *.jar file.

Plugin Type

Plugin Download

File Extensions


Please install first!

Demo Plugins

Lister plugin

Swing Demo


The popular JFC Applet SwingSet2

Lister plugin

SWT Demo


The Eclipse Demo Control Example

Multimedia Plugins

Lister plugin

Audio Player

*.mp3, *.mpeg, *.flac, *.ape,
*.mac, *.ogg, *.spx

Winamp Clone in Java JLGui

Lister plugin

Video Player

*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mov, *.avi

Java Video Player

Java Media Framework

Java Developement

Lister plugin

Java Decompiler

*.class, *.java

Uses JAD to decompile class files (supports syntax highlighting and context menu)

Fans of good old C-64

Packer plugin

D64 disk image viewer


Java version of DIRCBM

Lister plugin

CBM 6510 Disassembler


Disassemble CBM 6510 machine code instructions

Lister plugin

C64 SID player

*.sid, *.psid

Uses JSIDPlay of the Java emulator JAC64 to play C64 sound files


Lister plugin

3D graphics model viewer


Uses Starfire Researchs Java 3D loader for the 3DS file format

Java 3D

Lister plugin


ge Viewer

*.bmp, *.ico, *.jp(e)g, *.gif, *.png

Image viewer using Java 2D

Windows Application Integration (OLE based)

Lister plugin

OLE Viewer

*.doc, *.rtf, *.xls, *.wmv, *.mpa, *.mp(e)g, *.avi, *.asf, *.wav, *.pdf

Uses Microsofts OLE interface

Internet Access

Lister plugin

HTML Browser


Embeds Microsoft Internet Explorer

File system plugin

Email reader

Check your email account, protocols pop3 and imap are supported


File system plugin

SNMP plugin

Analyse network using SNMP (Simple Network Monitor Protocol), plugin author: Ján Gregor

Plugin Developement Samples to Learn

Packer plugin

File lister


Creates a file list and browse its contents

Content plugin

Image Content

*.bmp, *.ico, *.jp(e)g, *.gif, *.png

Shows image properties (width, height, bit-depth) – poor performance 🙁

Lister plugin

Hello World


Hello World: show java properties in a window

File system plugin

Local Drives

Browse your local file systems

Content plugin

Content Demo


Shows several test columns