vBulletin vs Invision Power Board vs PHPbb

vBulletin vs Invision Power Board vs PHPbb APART FROM THE PRICE Which do u think is better and why Features, Skins, Community support, Modules,

IMO, phpBB is the best of the three, seeing as it’s free, has a great community, and has a ton of mods for it.

I chose vBulletin because of the plugin/hook system and I have a lot of experience administrating it. Otherwise, the coding is messy and so is the default design. It also lacks a number of basic features. This may change in vB4 though

I have heard good things about IPB but have yet to really try it out myself. On the user side, it looks pretty.

phpBB is free and that says enough. It is great for small boards and group projects, but from personal experience, things start to get out of control once the user base grows to a significant number.

The perfect board would be one with vBulletin’s customizability, IPB’s looks and phpBB’s free-ness.