IBM Develothon 2010 Hyderabad Event

It was nice to be a part of the event IBM Develothon here in hyderabad.

We first got the registration form and went in for the welcome note to start.

Then the session started at 10:10 AM. The  Welcome to Develothon 2010 session was very nice presentation video. Which explains us to “Think”.
Next Session started 11 AM a  Keynote – IBM Software for Smarter Planet
Next session on Skills for Smarter Planet –

How we can improve our skills using developerWorks.

IBM has 30,000 different positions on different skill sets till date.
The Next session Cloud Computing – Part I An Introduction and Overview was a good over view of how the cloud computing and in real word made possible by IBM
we had at 12:00 PM Brunch / Break. which was half and hour later of the schedule.

Next comes at 12-40 PM Unconference and Prize Distribution.

Mr Sundaresh Peri explained how he was working on computers for past 50 years shared his experience , he got the First prize among the 10 other participants. Its good to see so much of younger talent in Hyderabad.

Later we have a good session 1:35 PM Cloud Computing – Part II

They demonstrated how it helped real world, some case studies. and how it saved 2Billion to ibm when they migrated to cloud.

They have given the information about and how it helps many professions on their work. This link provides many information free of cost.

Here are some photos of the Event