QTP support for Silverlight, AJAX, GWT, Dojo, YUI now available

There has been no out-of-the-box support for most of the Web2.0 technologies by any of the tools providers out there. SilverlightLooks like HP has decided to go full force into it and capture all the more commercial functional testing tools market that was already dominated by them.  **HP is now planning to release a Web2.0 pack. The highlights of which will be:

  1. Making Web-Extensibility easier to use : Good to know HP acknowledge this fact. I have not seen much happening around this area, though it has been good 2+ yrs (the release of v9.5) since they made extensibility available. It will be a framework by the name Extensibility Accelerator (EA). AJAX
  2. Tighter support for Web2.0 apps : Till now, QTP had a Flex addin (by Adobe), now QTP is going to support Silverlight and AJAX apps.
  3. Better Object recognition and record/replay capabilities for Web 2.0 apps

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** Update: HP has already released the patch on top of QTP 10.0  This patch provides support for Silverlight 2-3 (under .NET addin),  and various toolkits – like AJAX, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Dojo Toolkit, and Yahoo User Interface- under Web Extensibility. Once you have the Extensibility Accelerator installed, it can be seen under Tools menu option on QTP’s IDE.

The patch is released in two flavors:

  1. Web 2.0 Feature Pack with PreRequisites – In case you do not have MS Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET framework
  2. Web 2.0 Feature Pack without PreRequisites – In case you already have the above two softwares installed.