Early adopters: transition to the new infrastructure for Google Apps accounts

In May Google announced details about changes to the Google Apps accounts infrastructure that would allow access to other Google services beyond the core suite of messaging and collaboration apps. This change will let users access many new services such as Blogger, Reader, Google Voice and calling-in-Gmail (US only), Picasa Web Albums, AdWords and iGoogle from their Google Apps accounts.

The ability to opt in to the new infrastructure for Google Apps is now open for early adopters who meet the early adopter eligibility criteria and is currently being rolled out over the next few days.

Early adopters won’t see the following functionality before the new infrastructure is feature-complete:
– Administrators do not yet have the ability to turn off access to any of these additional services as they can today for applications in the core suite.
– A few applications are not compatible with the new infrastructure at this time including Google Health, PowerMeter, YouTube, Web History, Buzz and Profiles.

In order to see the new option in the control panel to become an early adopter, your domain must meet the eligibility criteria:
– Your organization needs to be using the U.S. English version of the Google Apps control panel, and all of your users must have their language set to English.
– Your organization must not be using SAML for single sign-on.
– Your organization must not have users with conflicting accounts that access Google advertising products or Google Voice.
– Your organization must be using Google Apps Standard Edition, Premier Edition, or Education Edition.
– The new infrastructure is not yet available in all countries.