7 Google Search Annoyances

Here are some of the most annoying Google Search bugs I’ve found recently:

1. Google’s keyboard shortcuts are useful if you want to select a search result, but Google doesn’t remember the page you selected when you go back to the search results page.

2. To add insult to injury, Google doesn’t scroll to the search result you’ve clicked on after visiting the page and returning to the Google SERP.

3. Let’s say that a search result snippet includes a useful information and you want to copy it. If you double click on a word from the snippet, you’ll trigger Google’s instant previews.

4. If your query includes quotes, Google’s suggestions aren’t useful because they ignore your quotes.

5. Google shows too many results from a single domain. If your query includes keywords associated with a site, Google may show up to 7 results from a domain. Google also lets you see other results from the same domain, but there are many duplicates.

6. If you restrict the results to visited pages and perform the same search using Google Web History, you’ll get different results.

7. Sometimes personalization goes too far and replaces the top search result for a navigational query.

Did you find other annoyances?