Light summer reading: entertaining legal opinions

Last November, we added legal opinions to Google Scholar. Legal opinions consider serious issues and help refine the laws that govern our country—but they can also be surprisingly entertaining. We’ve shared some of these for your summer reading pleasure on the Google Scholar blog.

Rimes v. Curb Records, Inc., 2001 the opinion is written as a series of songs to be sung to tunes by LeAnn Rimes. It starts:

LeAnn Rimes
A very rich and famous star
Wasn't so rich in times afar
But what a talent she had!

Read the rest on the Google Scholar blog.

Posted by Anurag Acharya

Google Scholar added the option to get email alerts when new articles related to your interests are published

For some reason, this feature is not available in Google Alerts and Google Scholar still doesn’t offer feeds for search results.

Google Scholar’s email alerts feature is special because Google changes your to get better results (for example, [statistical speech recognition] has been changed to [statistical intitle:”speech recognition”]), Google shows a list of sample results and you can manage the alerts only in Google Scholar.

To try the new feature, go to Google Scholar, search for something you’re interested in and click on the ugly email icon placed at the top of the search results pages. Even if it’s extremely useful for students and researchers, Google Scholar has a cluttered interface with many options. It’s the only Google service that uses a check box on the homepage.