Google+ now available for Google Apps domains

Google Apps administrators can manually turn on Google+ for their organization. Once Google+ is turned on, users will need to sign up at to get started. For customers who use Google Apps for Business or the free version of Google Apps and who have chosen to automatically enable new services, Google+ will automatically become available to all of your users over the next several days.

Note: Google+ requires Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing and Google Talk for chat, so if these services are not enabled then Google+ will not automatically become available, even if your domain has chosen to automatically enable new services. The option to automatically enable new services is controlled in the Domain settings tab of the administrator control panel.

Education editions only: Google+ is available only for higher education institutions that are existing Google Apps for Education customers. If you don’t see the Google+ service in your control panel (as described above), you’ll need to apply for the service to have it added to your control panel.