New curve tool in Google Drawings

A new curves tool has been released in Drawings. The new curves can be left open or closed, and can be filled or unfilled. You can also adjust points on the curve after drawing it.

How to access what’s new:
– When editing a drawing, click the new curves tool icon in the toolbar to draw a new curve. The new tool is to the right of the ‘Arrow’ tool.

Google Drawings: a new collaborative drawings editor released as part of Google Docs

Google Docs now has a collaborative drawings editor that makes it easy to build organizational charts, flow charts, design diagrams and much more.

– Share drawings just like any other Google Doc
– Download in a variety of formats
– Co-edit and view changes in real real-time
– Chat with other editors
– Use web clipboard to easily insert into other Google Docs
– Publish drawings as images and embed anywhere

How to access what’s new:
In Google Docs, click on ‘Create new’ to see the new option for ‘Drawing’ document type.

Note: Editing drawings in Google Drawings requires a HTML5 compliant (SVG compliant) web browser.

For more information:

How to Try the New Google Docs Apps– Google Drawings, Google Spreadsheets

Here’s how to try Google Drawings and the new interfaces of Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets:

* create a new drawing by opening the documents list, clicking on “Create new” and selecting “Drawing”.

* to see the new document editor, go to the settings page, click on the “Editing” tab and select “Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor.” Unfortunately, you can’t see the existing documents in the new interface. The new document editor is code-named “kix” and it’s a completely new application.

* to switch to the new spreadsheets editor, open a spreadsheet and click on “New version” at the top of the page. All spreadsheets will now open in the new interface.

The new interface is not yet available for presentations.