Google Drawings editor: Enhancements to new Google Drawings editor

Some new enhancements to the drawings editor have been recently released.

How to access what’s new:
Selecting shapes:
– Press Alt (Option on Mac) and drag your mouse to select only those objects completely within the selection region (this is useful for selecting objects in a busy part of the diagram)
– Holding Shift while you drag now adds shapes to your current selection instead of creating a new selection.

Polyline improvements:
– When you finish drawing a polyline by clicking on the end of the last segment, you remain in polyline mode so you can immediately draw another one. Hit Escape to return to selection mode.
– While drawing a polyline, press escape on your keyboard to cancel the last segment and return to selection mode.
– Draw very small segments in a polyline more easily.

Word art:
– Add word art directly from the insert menu.

For more information: