No More Standalone Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is no longer available as a standalone service at You can still find it in Google Web Search and Google Translate. For example, you can search for [define keyword] and click “more” or search for [keyword] and click “Dictionary” in the search options sidebar.

{ Thanks, Arpit. }

Google Dictionary Has a New Content Provider

Google’s English dictionary switched from the Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English. The definitions from the Collins dictionary are easier to understand, while the Oxford dictionary is more traditional.

Here are two definitions of the word “swot”:

Collins: “If you call someone a swot, you disapprove of the fact that they study extremely hard and are not interested in other things.”

Oxford: “A person who studies hard, esp. one regarded as spending too much time studying.”

Google Dictionary: New Format for Google’s Definition Results

Three months ago, I found some Google search shortcuts that trigger results from Google Dictionary and Google Translate. The keywords for Google Translate no longer work, but you can still add “en:en” before an English word to see the definition from Google Dictionary.

Google’s results now include links to Wikipedia,, Merriam-Webster and Two of these sites ( and have been previously used to show definitions for each word of a query. They have been replaced by Google Dictionary and the feature has been removed when Google launched a new interface, two months ago.

Here’s an example of query that triggers the special definition results: [en:en overcast].

Google has another special result that’s displayed if you search for [define word] or [word definition]. This time, Google shows definitions from WordNet.

There’s also a define: operator that shows definitions from WordNet, Wikipedia, glossaries and other web pages.