Google Chrome 15 Released

Chrome 15 brings a few changes and some new features. Here are some of them:

1. A redesigned new tab page inspired by mobile interfaces. There are two “homescreens” for apps and most visited pages, but you can create a new “homescreen” by dragging apps and pages to the bottom bar and selecting the new “homescreen”. You can also remove pages and apps by dragging them to the bottom bar and then to trash area (“remove from Chrome”). Any bookmark can now become app: just drag it to the new tab page. This also works for the most visited pages.

2. The extension manager is now a section of the options page and has a new interface. You can now use the inline search box to find extensions. The old interface is displayed if you type chrome://extensions in the address bar, while the new address is:chrome://settings/extensions.

3. Chrome’s menu has changed: the bookmarks menu is easier to find and there’s a new item for Chrome sync.

4. If you don’t like Chrome’s print preview page, use a shortcut to open the native print dialog: Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd-Shift-P for Mac).

5. You can now print headers and footers.

Can you find other new features?